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Three Weeks by Perpetual Groove on Mike After Midnight
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with Brenna Greenwell

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Artist Track Album Show Time
Pokey LaFarge Good Luck Charm Manic Revelations bootsandbirds 07:06 PM
Bob Dylan Bob Dylan's Dream The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan bootsandbirds 07:04 PM
Perfume Genius Just Like Love No Shape bootsandbirds 07:01 PM
Sxip Shirey ft. Puddles Pit... Palms Palms bootsandbirds 06:55 PM
Nite Jewel The Answer Real High bootsandbirds 06:52 PM
Warren Zevon Desperadoes Under the Eaves Warren Zevon bootsandbirds 06:47 PM
TALsounds Disgrace Love Sick bootsandbirds 06:42 PM
George Harrison My Sweet Lord All Things Must Pass bootsandbirds 06:38 PM
Big Thief Shark Smile Capacity bootsandbirds 06:34 PM
Josh T Pearson Country Dumb Last Of the Country Gentlemen bootsandbirds 06:24 PM
Band of Lovers Anthem American Tour bootsandbirds 06:19 PM
David Bowie Soul Love Ziggy Stardust and the Spid... bootsandbirds 06:14 PM
Whitney Golden Days Light Upon The Lake bootsandbirds 07:54 PM
Jesse Stewart I'm So Tired Jesse Stewart Live bootsandbirds 07:51 PM
Beach House Somewhere Tonight Thank Your Lucky Stars bootsandbirds 07:46 PM
Talking Heads (Nothing But) Flowers Naked bootsandbirds 07:41 PM
Leonard Cohen Hallelujah Various Positions bootsandbirds 07:36 PM
Keaton Henson In The Morning Birthdays bootsandbirds 07:32 PM
Girlpool Soup Powerplant bootsandbirds 07:30 PM
David Lynch In Heaven (Lady In The Radi... Eraserhead Soundtrack bootsandbirds 07:29 PM
Land of Talk Heartcore Life After Youth bootsandbirds 07:23 PM
Puddles Pity Party Chandelier Clubbin' With Grandpa bootsandbirds 07:20 PM
Little Cub Snow Still Life bootsandbirds 07:15 PM
Bob's Burgers, The National... Bad Stuff Happens In the Ba... The Bob's Burgers Music Album bootsandbirds 07:11 PM
(Sandy) Alex G Witch Rocket bootsandbirds 07:08 PM
The Magnetic Fields You Must Be Out of Your Mind Realism bootsandbirds 07:05 PM
Beach Fossils Be Nothing Somersault bootsandbirds 07:00 PM
The Avalanches Radio Since I Left You bootsandbirds 06:54 PM
Conor Oberst A Little Uncanny Salutations bootsandbirds 06:50 PM
The Cactus Blossoms Mississippi You're Dreaming bootsandbirds 06:46 PM
Seth MacFarlane & Norah Jones Two Sleepy People Music Is Better Than Words bootsandbirds 06:39 PM
TALsounds See Through Love Sick bootsandbirds 06:37 PM
Feist Brandy Alexander The Reminder bootsandbirds 06:34 PM
Perfume Genius Otherside No Shape bootsandbirds 06:31 PM
Blackfoot Gypsies Woman Woman To The Top bootsandbirds 06:25 PM
Geotic Laura Corporeal Abysma bootsandbirds 06:20 PM
Dan Reeder Clean Elvis Dan Reeder bootsandbirds 06:18 PM
Nite Jewel Had To Let Me Go Real High bootsandbirds 06:12 PM
Frank Sinatra Witchcraft Ultimate Sinatra bootsandbirds 06:09 PM
Pokey LaFarge Must Be a Reason Manic Revelations bootsandbirds 06:06 PM
Sufjan Stevens Chicago (acoustic version) The Avalanche bootsandbirds 06:01 PM
Iron & Wine/Ben Bridwell This Must Be The Place Sing Into My Mouth bootsandbirds 07:55 PM
Feist A Man Is Not His Song Pleasure bootsandbirds 07:51 PM
Blondie Long Time Pollinator bootsandbirds 07:41 PM
Led Zeppelin Bron-Y-Aur Stomp Led Zeppelin III bootsandbirds 07:41 PM
The Cuckoos Stuck Dreamin' Of The Girl ... The Cuckoos bootsandbirds 07:37 PM
Barnaby Bright Highway 9 The Longest Day bootsandbirds 07:33 PM
Girlpool 123 Powerplant bootsandbirds 07:30 PM
Elvis Presley Can't Help Falling in Love Blue Hawaii bootsandbirds 07:26 PM
Dream Machine Buried Alive The Illusion bootsandbirds 07:22 PM