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Three Weeks by Perpetual Groove on Mike After Midnight
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DJ Sick

with Chase Campbell

General Format

DJ Sick is ready to bless all car stereos, computers and phones in the Lexington area with fun pop punk jams and good vibes

Artist Track Album Show Time
Fake Laugh Melt Fake Laugh DJ Sick 05:06 AM
Wildling Lilywhite here DJ Sick 05:02 AM
Parsons Rocket Project Exit Launch Parsons Rocket Project DJ Sick 04:58 AM
Grapell No Longer Free No Longer Free (Single) DJ Sick 04:53 AM
Pinact Seams Seams (Single) DJ Sick 04:50 AM
Lunch Ladies Bumming Too Much Down on Sunset Strip DJ Sick 04:48 AM
Joseph of Mercury Young Thing Young Thing (Single) DJ Sick 04:41 AM
BADTALKERS Dark Halls Dark Halls (Single) DJ Sick 04:37 AM
WALLA Body Language Body Language DJ Sick 04:34 AM
Eyes on the Shore Atoms to Atoms Atoms to Atoms (Single) DJ Sick 04:29 AM
Blue Blood Congratulations Pretty Wars DJ Sick 04:21 AM
Van William Revolution (ft. First Aid Kit) The Revolution EP DJ Sick 04:17 AM
Rolling Blackouts Coastal F... Tender is the Neck Talk Tight DJ Sick 04:10 AM
Lomelda Only World Thx DJ Sick 04:06 AM
The Safes Nobody Cares Anymore Tasty Waves DJ Sick 04:03 AM
Washer Your Guess Is As Bad As Mine All Aboard DJ Sick 03:55 AM
Tilian Ghost (Lowend Remix) Ghost (Lowend Remix) (Single) DJ Sick 03:52 AM
Henry Jamison Sunlit Juice Sunlit Juice (Single) DJ Sick 03:49 AM
Night Things Cost of the Summer Cost of the Summer DJ Sick 03:39 AM
Abadabad Feelings Gone Touch the Feel DJ Sick 03:36 AM
Dent May I'm Gonna Live Forever Unti... Across the Multiverse DJ Sick 03:35 AM
Bodies of Water New World Spear In The City DJ Sick 03:25 AM
ALVVAYS Plimsoll Punks Antisocialites DJ Sick 03:20 AM
Prism Tats Modern Future Noise (Demo) 11:11 DJ Sick 03:17 AM
Quiet Giant Knee of the Curve You're In Heaven DJ Sick 03:08 AM
Queen Moo It's Become Clear Mean Well DJ Sick 03:04 AM
The Drives Tell Me Tell Me (Single) DJ Sick 03:01 AM
The Junction Changes City Lights DJ Sick 02:54 AM
Common Deer WAIT! II DJ Sick 02:50 AM
The Fresh & Onlys Black Widow Wolf Lie Down DJ Sick 02:40 AM
Monk Parker Oh Cousin Crown of Sparrows DJ Sick 02:33 AM
Faith Healer Light of Loving Try ;-) DJ Sick 02:26 AM
Mogwai Coolverine Every Country's Sun DJ Sick 02:18 AM
The Yorks Parking Lots The Yorks DJ Sick 02:15 AM
The War On Drugs Thinking of a Place A Deeper Understanding DJ Sick 02:02 AM
Parsons Rocket Project Exit Launch Parsons Rocket Project DJ Sick 04:55 AM
Pelicat The Doctor The Doctor (Single) DJ Sick 04:52 AM
A Little Nothing Right Place Right Time Right Place Right Time (Sin... DJ Sick 04:49 AM
Living Path Living (Single) DJ Sick 04:46 AM
Niia Davids House Davids House (Single) DJ Sick 04:38 AM
Two Inch Astronaut Play To No One Can You Please Not Help DJ Sick 04:34 AM
Us and Us Only Bored of Black Full Flower DJ Sick 04:31 AM
Cold War Kids, Laconic Love is Mystical - Laconic ... Love is Re-Myxtical DJ Sick 04:24 AM
Moxi Figures Bathed in Light Figures Bathed in Light (Si... DJ Sick 04:21 AM
Happy Abandon Stop Taking Care of Me Facepaint DJ Sick 04:15 AM
Brian Hill Enough's Enough & The Noh Starrs DJ Sick 04:08 AM
The March Divide Make Me Trip Don't Let Me Die In Arizona DJ Sick 04:04 AM
Monk Parker Gaudy Frame Crown of Sparrows DJ Sick 04:00 AM
Cold Fronts Holidaze Holidaze (Single) DJ Sick 03:54 AM
Cathedral Pearls America's Child America's Child (Single) DJ Sick 03:50 AM