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Hank Russell

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The music I play tends to vary with my mood, but expect some ambient/drone, post-punk, noise rock, 90s indie rock, shoegaze, slowcore, minimal techno, industrial, synthpop, bedroom pop etc.

Artist Track Album Show Time
Time Machines 5-Methoxy-N,N-Dimethyl: (5-... Time Machines Hank Russell 02:52 AM
Good Weather for an Airstrike Cast Aside (The Briefest of... Underneath the Stars Hank Russell 02:44 AM
Kangding Ray Amber Decay Solens Arc Hank Russell 02:37 AM
Vril V8 8-10 Hank Russell 02:26 AM
Carissa's Wierd Drunk w/ the Only Saints I ... Ugly But Honest: 1996-1999 Hank Russell 02:22 AM
Joan of Arc Me (Plural) Live in Chicago, 1999 Hank Russell 02:18 AM
Palm Shadow Expert Shadow Expert Hank Russell 02:15 AM
Benni Night Theme Reprise I & II Hank Russell 02:11 AM
Floating Points Kites Reflections - Mojave Desert Hank Russell 02:06 AM
Various Artists Roy Montgomery - "Jaguar Un... Kranky Mix Hank Russell 02:06 AM
Avey Tare Roamer Eucalyptus Hank Russell 02:03 AM
Alex G I Wait For You Easy Hank Russell 01:59 AM
Coma Cinema Road Side Memorial Abandoned Lands Hank Russell 01:57 AM
Tim Hecker Days of Your Lives Trade Winds, White Noise Hank Russell 01:54 AM
Cocteau Twins Sugar Hiccup Head Over Heels Hank Russell 01:46 AM
David Lynch Pink Room Fire Walk With Me Hank Russell 01:40 AM
Alan Vega Faster Blaster Deuce Avenue Hank Russell 01:38 AM
Chris & Cosey Until Trance Hank Russell 01:29 AM
Nine Inch Nails Less Than Add Violence Hank Russell 01:28 AM
Capsula Out There Somewhere Synthesis of Reality Hank Russell 01:20 AM
Sextile Floored Albeit Living Hank Russell 01:17 AM
Pinkwench Ophelia Luna Hank Russell 01:12 AM
Male Gaze If U Were My Girl Miss Taken Hank Russell 01:08 AM
Japanese Breakfast Machinist Soft Sounds From Another Pl... Hank Russell 01:04 AM
Talking Heads (Nothing But) Flowers Naked Hank Russell 12:58 AM
White Williams New Violence Smoke Hank Russell 12:55 AM
The Breeders Huffer Title TK Hank Russell 12:54 AM
Wymond Miles Anniversary Song Cut Yourself Free Hank Russell 12:49 AM
Cheena Liberated Animal Spend the Night With... Hank Russell 12:42 AM
Crystal Stilts Sugar Baby Love Is a Wave Hank Russell 12:39 AM
Xiu Xiu Bog People La ForĂȘt Hank Russell 12:36 AM
Television The Fire Adventure Hank Russell 12:29 AM
White Suns World Lock Totem Hank Russell 12:24 AM
Destroyer Dream Lover Poison Season Hank Russell 12:20 AM
Fleet Foxes Kept Woman Crack-Up Hank Russell 12:16 AM
The Dan Ryan Lonely Height Guidance Hank Russell 12:13 AM
Broken Social Scene Victim Lover Hug of Thunder Hank Russell 12:05 AM
Waxahatchee Brass Beam Out in the Storm Hank Russell 12:03 AM
Guided By Voices Boy W How Do You Spell Heaven? Hank Russell 12:00 AM
Mark Kozelek Gustavo Live at Biko Hank Russell 02:55 AM
Eluvium Under the Water It Glowed Lambent Material Hank Russell 02:50 AM
Wild Nothing Bored Games Gemini Hank Russell 02:45 AM
The Passage Angleland Wave Hank Russell 02:41 AM
Unknown Artist I Believe (Edward's Blasphe... Freiluftdisko Hank Russell 02:35 AM
New Order Thieves Like Us Thieves Like Us Hank Russell 02:26 AM
Sextile Situations Albeit Living Hank Russell 02:23 AM
Algiers Cleveland The Underside of Power Hank Russell 02:21 AM
Dasher Go Rambo Sodium Hank Russell 02:15 AM
Talk Talk I Don't Believe in You The Colour of Spring Hank Russell 02:12 AM
Male Gaze Wha Do Wha Do Miss Taken Hank Russell 02:07 AM