Happy Hardcore Hour



Harcore, Hardstyle, and more Hard Dance Music

Gabber (Hardcore) dominated the Dutch electronic music scene throughout the 90's. This type of music is know for it's fast tempo around 180 to 200BPM, distorted kick drums, and euphoric melodies. The turn of the century brought the decline of Hardcore and it's variants, but what emerged was a darker style of Hardcore and a new genre called Hardstyle. Hardstyle is slowed to around 150BPM and shares many of the sound aspects of Hardcore, while being easier to dance to and more euphoric. The Happy Hardcore Hour plays both of these now underground genres with a focus on tracks released during the 90's and early 00's. These genre's are not everyone cup of tea, but the goal of the show is to bring old, unheard of genres to the mainstream. Hardcore will never die!
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