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Label On The Bottle by The Rocketz on pacochaos
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with Zeke Goggin


"Inside-Out" is a weekly mixtape of Outsider, Avant-Garde, and Experimental Music

Artist Track Album Show Time
Prince & The Revolution Computer Blue (Hallway Spee... Purple Rain (Deluxe Expande... Inside-Out 05:53 AM
Daniel Johnston Go Respect Inside-Out 05:52 AM
Negativland & Chumbawamba The ABCs of Anarchism The ABCs of Anarchism Inside-Out 05:36 AM
The Residents Smelly Tongues Meet The Residents Inside-Out 05:33 AM
OOIOO Don Ah Gamel Inside-Out 05:20 AM
Joe Meek and the Blue Men I Hear A New World I Hear A New World Inside-Out 05:16 AM
Raymond Scott Portofino Manhattan Research Inc. Inside-Out 05:12 AM
Klaus Schulze & Pete Namlook Set The Controls For The He... Dark Side of the Moog Inside-Out 05:01 AM
Cluster Grosses Wasser Kollektion 6: 1971-1981 Inside-Out 04:52 AM
Scott Walker Clara The Drift Inside-Out 04:33 AM
Tuxedomoon East/Jinx/... Music #1 Desire Inside-Out 04:16 AM
John Cage Imaginary Landscape No. 5 Early Electronic & Tape Music Inside-Out 04:16 AM
Funkadelic Maggot Brain Maggot Brain Inside-Out 04:01 AM
Karlheinz Stockhausen Gesang der Junglinge A Young Person's Guide to t... Inside-Out 04:01 AM
Pierre Henry & Pierre Schae... Classique: Bidule et un Panorama de Musique Concrete Inside-Out 03:44 AM
Lou Reed Street Hassle Street Hassle Inside-Out 03:33 AM
Daniel Johnston Walking The Cow Hi, How Are You? Inside-Out 03:26 AM
Harry Partch Ensemble The Dreamer That Remains The Harry Partch Collection Inside-Out 03:18 AM
Faust Miss Fortune Faust Inside-Out 03:01 AM
Jerry Garcia Arabia Jerry Garcia/David Grisman Inside-Out 08:46 AM
Blues Image Ride Captain Ride Open Inside-Out 08:42 AM
Jimi Hendrix Hear My Train A'Comin' (Aco... Blues Inside-Out 08:35 AM
The Rascals Beautiful Morning A Bronx Tale Inside-Out 08:31 AM
Vulfpeck Wait For the Moment My First Car Inside-Out 08:24 AM
TV Girl Birds Don't Sing French Exit Inside-Out 08:21 AM
Cody Chesnutt Make A Better Man My Love Divine Degree Inside-Out 08:17 AM
Suntrodden The End (Haunt Me) Suntrodden II Inside-Out 08:15 AM
Male Gaze Keep Yr Kools Miss Taken Inside-Out 08:14 AM
Chuck Berry Wonderful Woman Chuck Inside-Out 08:06 AM
Johnny Conqueroo Washed Up Washed Up Inside-Out 08:04 AM
Buddy Holly Everyday Greatest Hits Inside-Out 07:57 AM
Jim Croce Five Short Minutes I Got A Name Inside-Out 07:54 AM
Aliotta Heynes Jeremiah Lake Shore Drive Lake Shore Drive Inside-Out 07:50 AM
The Stranglers Golden Brown La Folie Inside-Out 07:46 AM
Grateful Dead Scarlet Begonias From the Mars hotel Inside-Out 07:41 AM
Donovan Atlantis Barabajagal Inside-Out 07:36 AM
The Derevolutions Now You Know My Name The Derevolutions Inside-Out 07:26 AM
The Babe Rainbow Love Forever Love Forever Inside-Out 07:24 AM
Akk Star Hawaiiian Band Sophisticated Hula Steel Guitar Magic Inside-Out 07:22 AM
The Chordettes Mr Sandman The Chordettes Inside-Out 07:19 AM
Various Artists Drive My Car Songs About Cars, the Road,... Inside-Out 07:16 AM
Various Artists Let's go surfing Summer Jams Mix Inside-Out 07:13 AM
Hot Collars No Money No Problem? Slim Street EP Inside-Out 07:10 AM
Das Mortal midnight rendez-vous (feat.... Always Loved Inside-Out 07:05 AM
Vita and the Woolf Sun Drop Tunnels Inside-Out 07:02 AM
Nancy Sinatra Bang Bang Kill Bill Vol. 1 (OST) Inside-Out 06:55 AM
The Breeders Off You Title TK Inside-Out 06:51 AM
Frankie Valli and The Four ... Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You Frankie Valli and The Four ... Inside-Out 06:46 AM
Various Artists Primus Pools of Clay Mixtape (all ... Inside-Out 06:43 AM
Various Artists Bouccuccia di Rosa Putumayo Presents Vintage I... Inside-Out 06:43 AM