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so tough by sonny terry et al on Colonel Kisling's Sound brigade
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with Aryana Misaghi

General Format

Artist Track Album Show Time
Jackie Lynn Chicken Picken Jackie Lynn justaryana 10:24 PM
Julia Brown Possession An Abundance of Strawberries justaryana 10:22 PM
Braids Plath Heart Native Speaker justaryana 10:17 PM
Chelsea Wolfe Flame Hypnos/Flame 7" justaryana 10:12 PM
James Blake Put That Away and Talk To Me The Colour In Anything justaryana 10:09 PM
Anderson .Paak & The Free N... The Season/Carry Me Malibu justaryana 10:08 PM
Islands Pumpkin Taste justaryana 04:01 PM
Xeno & Oaklander Chimera Topiary justaryana 03:58 PM
Dent May Wedding Day Do Things justaryana 03:54 PM
Vesuvio Solo Don't Ask, Don't Tell Favors justaryana 03:50 PM
Gold Celeste Is This What You Could Not Do? [single] justaryana 03:46 PM
KAYTRANADA VIVID DREAMS (ft. River Tiber) 99.9% justaryana 03:40 PM
Jessy Lanza Oh No Oh No justaryana 03:36 PM
Anohni I Don't Love You Anymore Hoplessness justaryana 03:31 PM
ADJY Hyperthymesia Prelude (.3333) justaryana 03:25 PM
Pity Sex Burden You White Hot Moon justaryana 03:22 PM
Dr. Paul Feel Like A Dude First Four Tears justaryana 03:20 PM
Negative Scanner Fan vs. Wild Negative Scanner justaryana 03:16 PM
Sonic Youth PCH Sister (Reissue) justaryana 03:11 PM
Dinner Going Out Three EPs justaryana 03:07 PM
Perfume Genius Queen Queen justaryana 03:03 PM
Mutual Benefit Many Returns Skip A Sinking Stone justaryana 02:59 PM
gobbinjr candy apples and razor blades manalang justaryana 02:54 PM
Habibi Sweetest Talk Habibi justaryana 02:52 PM
Alex Sleeping Catcalls This Is Not A Bedroom justaryana 02:47 PM
Bleached Chemical Air Welcome The Worms justaryana 02:44 PM
PWR BTTM Ugly Cherries Ugly Cherries justaryana 02:40 PM
TOPS Go Away Tender Opposites justaryana 02:35 PM
Olga Bell Stomach It Tempo justaryana 02:27 PM
Grimes Caladan Geidi Primes justaryana 02:27 PM
Deltino Guerreiro Okinkela Eparaka justaryana 02:20 PM
Sir Was Near Here Say Hi justaryana 02:16 PM
Chris Cohen In a Fable As If Apart justaryana 02:11 PM
Oscar Breaking My Phone Cut and Paste justaryana 02:09 PM
Alex G Salt Beach Music justaryana 02:04 PM
Elvis Depressedly Thinning Out Holo Pleasures / California... justaryana 02:02 PM
La Sera Take My Heart Music for Listening to Musi... justaryana 04:01 PM
Frankie Cosmos too dark Next Thing justaryana 03:58 PM
Jens Lekman Postcard to Nina Night Falls Over Kortedalla justaryana 03:53 PM
Belle & Sebastian The Fox In The Snow If You're Feeling Sinister justaryana 03:49 PM
Julianna Barwick Beached Will justaryana 03:46 PM
Florist 1914 The Birds Outside Sang justaryana 03:43 PM
Florist 1914 The Birds Outside Sang justaryana 03:37 PM
Kimya Dawson I Like Giants Remember That I Love You justaryana 03:35 PM
free cake fore every creature First Summer In The City talking quietly of anything... justaryana 03:33 PM
gobbinjr bb gurl manalang justaryana 03:30 PM
Yndi Halda This Very Flight Under Summer justaryana 03:15 PM
Liima You Stayed In Touch With Th... ii justaryana 03:10 PM
AURORA Warrior All My Demons Greeting Me A... justaryana 03:07 PM
Golden Daze Never Comin' Back Golden Daze justaryana 03:04 PM