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Cure by On Planets on Future Bangers
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with Lizzie Gray

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Artist Track Album Show Time
Idiot Glee I Don't Feel Right Idiot Glee LizzieG 11:54 AM
Male Gaze Tell Me How It Is Miss Taken LizzieG 11:51 AM
Magnetix Growing Up Live In San Francisco LizzieG 11:49 AM
Warehouse Super Low super low LizzieG 11:46 AM
Tuxedomoon No Tears Solve Et Coagula LizzieG 11:36 AM
Your Funeral I Wanna Be You -- LizzieG 11:33 AM
Twisted Nerve When I'm Alone -- LizzieG 11:30 AM
Dead Moon It's O.K. Crack in the System LizzieG 11:26 AM
The Associates Green for Grief The Affectionate Punch LizzieG 11:23 AM
Dasher Teeth Sodium LizzieG 11:19 AM
Urochromes My Dickies Night Bully EP LizzieG 11:17 AM
The Dream Syndicate That's What You Always Say How Did I Find Myself Here LizzieG 11:13 AM
Turquoise Days Grey Skies Alternative Strategies LizzieG 11:09 AM
Medio Mutante Another Land Eadem Mutata Resurgo LizzieG 11:06 AM
Sextile Situations Albeit Living LizzieG 11:04 AM
Magazine The Light Pours Out Of Me Rays and Hail 1978-81 LizzieG 10:57 AM
Fugazi I'm So Tired Instrumental Soundtrack LizzieG 10:54 AM
Chlorine Leave Me Alone Peace With Nothing LizzieG 10:51 AM
The Sound I Can't Escape Myself Jeopardy LizzieG 10:48 AM
The Wake An Immaculate Conception Harmony + Singles LizzieG 10:42 AM
John Maus My Whole World's Coming Apart Love Is Real LizzieG 10:38 AM
Guided By Voices I Am A Scientist Bee Thousand LizzieG 10:35 AM
The Feelies The Boy With the Perpetual ... Crazy Rhythms LizzieG 10:29 AM
Angel Olsen Stars Burn Your Fire for No Witness LizzieG 10:25 AM
The Beach Boys All I Wanna Do Sunflower LizzieG 10:22 AM
Dr. Paul Hazmat Heart Calling Daddy Anarchist LizzieG 10:19 AM
THE NAMES I Wish I Could Speak Your L... Swimming LizzieG 10:13 AM
The Snake Corps Everything Turns Blue Smother Earth LizzieG 10:09 AM
The Memories Of Course I'm Yours Royal United Song Service LizzieG 10:06 AM
Chain & The Gang Come Over Best of Crime Rock LizzieG 10:04 AM
Sun Seeker Won't Keep Me Up at Night Biddeford LizzieG 10:04 AM
Dr. Paul Trouble Sleeping In Calling Daddy Anarchist LizzieG 12:02 PM
Beach House Used To Be B Sides & Rarities LizzieG 11:59 AM
Chain & The Gang Free Will Best of Crime Rock LizzieG 11:55 AM
Hammydown People You May Know Pizza Face EP LizzieG 11:51 AM
Johnny Conqueroo Who Do You Trust? Washed Up LizzieG 11:50 AM
Los Saicos Ana -- LizzieG 11:50 AM
Anika Love Buzz EP LizzieG 11:50 AM
Yuck Hold Me Closer Stranger Things LizzieG 11:38 AM
Girlpool Cut Your Bangs Chinatown LizzieG 11:36 AM
Secret Colours Places I'm Going Dream Dream LizzieG 11:32 AM
Cocteau Twins I Wear Your Ring Heaven or Las Vegas LizzieG 11:26 AM
Avey Tare Jackson Eucalyptus LizzieG 11:22 AM
Galaxie 500 Isn't It A Pity On Fire LizzieG 11:17 AM
Foxygen The Game ...And Star Power LizzieG 11:14 AM
Angel Olsen Only With You Burn Your Fire for No Witness LizzieG 11:11 AM
Mr Twin Sister Meet the Frownies Split LizzieG 11:07 AM
John Maus Hey Moon We Must Become The Pitiless... LizzieG 11:05 AM
Yo La Tengo Shadow I Can Hear the Heart Beatin... LizzieG 11:01 AM
Austin Wilkerson Daughters Altruisms LizzieG 10:54 AM