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let the good times roll by koko taylor on Colonel Kisling's Sound brigade
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with Sean McElroy

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Passport explores the sounds of Jazz, world, and ambient electronic music. My goal is to find the relationships and parallels between these forms.

Passport spans space and time to explore the relationships and unique sounds of Jazz, world, and ambient electronic music.

Artist Track Album Show Time
Susana Baca Maria Lando The Soul of Black Peru Passport 08:56 AM
Duke Ellington Jubilee Stomp OKeh Ellington Passport 08:55 AM
The Lord High Fixers Scatman Revolution Is Your Club A Secret Weapon? Passport 08:50 AM
Johnny Jewel Strobe Lights Windswept Passport 08:49 AM
Ken Boothe You're On My Mind Ken Boothe: A Man And His Hits Passport 08:49 AM
Corbin Andrick S & S Bonzo Squad Passport 08:39 AM
Charles Lloyd Passin' Thru Passin' Thru Passport 08:32 AM
Naughty Professor Stray (ft. David Shaw) Naughty Professor Passport 08:27 AM
John Coltrane/Rashied Ali Saturn Interstellar Space Passport 08:25 AM
Masaki Batoh Kumano Codex 5 Brain Pulse Music Passport 08:22 AM
Scorn The Next Days Logghi Barogghi Passport 08:20 AM
Agata Inokashira Zoo Spike Passport 08:18 AM
Crywolf Skeletons (Without You) Skeletons EP Passport 08:16 AM
Petros Klampanis Cosmic Patience (Intro) Chroma Passport 08:15 AM
Organic Trio Quirky Saturn's Spell Passport 08:08 AM
Four Tet Reversing There Is Love in You Passport 08:06 AM
King Sunny Ade Ja Fun Me Dub Synchro Series Passport 07:59 AM
Trombone Shorty Laveau Dirge No. 1 Parking Lot Symphony Passport 07:56 AM
Steve Coleman and Five Elem... Fire Revisited On The Rising Of The 64 Paths Passport 07:50 AM
Pan Sonic A-Kemia A Passport 07:46 AM
Brian Eno/Karl Hyde Cells & Bells High Life Passport 07:39 AM
Konrad Oh Forever Artbreak Passport 07:35 AM
Radiohead Pyramid Song Amnesiac Passport 07:33 AM
Benni Axis B I & II Passport 07:31 AM
The Human Circuit Troubling Truth Electric City Passport 07:29 AM
Jimmy Reed Ends And Odds Blues Masters: The Very Bes... Passport 07:26 AM
Kollington Ayinla Omo Mi Obi Temi Lagos All Routes Passport 07:23 AM
Rita Abatzi Prepei na Skeptetai Kaneis Secret Museum of Mankind, V... Passport 07:19 AM
Don Cherry Improvisation 6 Hell's Kitchen: Live From S... Passport 07:17 AM
Bulkhead In Voice 9 Lunch Truck EP Passport 07:14 AM
Aphex Twin DISKPREPT 4 Computer controlled Acousti... Passport 07:11 AM
Thelonious Monk 'Round Midnight Monk Alone Passport 07:08 AM
Kensuke Shiina Insomniac A Journey Into Ambient Groo... Passport 07:06 AM
Tom Ze Ui! (Voce Inventa) Brazil Classics 4: The Best... Passport 07:01 AM
Grupo Vocal Sampling Congo Yambuba cuba classics 3 diablo al i... Passport 06:55 AM
Tarun Bhattacharya Reg Kirvani Kirvani Passport 06:53 AM
Nino Rota Fellini Satyricon Tutto Fellini Passport 06:52 AM
Medeski, Martin, and Wood Felic The Dropper Passport 06:49 AM
Out To Lunch Dr. Dre's Bar Mitzvah Melvin's Rockpile Passport 06:46 AM
Ella Fitzgerald with Chick ... When I Get Low I Get High Swingsation Passport 06:43 AM
Syzygys Badol Bashimu Complete Studio Recordings Passport 06:40 AM
Paul Bley Entelechy Not Two, Not One Passport 06:37 AM
Oval Polygon Medpack 2.0 Dok Passport 06:35 AM
Feituk Sumeiyat Bengeria Secret Museum of Mankind, V... Passport 06:33 AM
Lester Young I Found A New Baby Verve Jazz Masters #30 Passport 06:26 AM
Steve Coleman and Five Elem... Adrenal, Got Ghost Functional Arrhythmias Passport 06:24 AM
Wagon Christ Rexist Throbbing Pouch Passport 06:21 AM
Graham Haynes South Node Of The Moon In P... Transition Passport 06:16 AM
Brian Marsella's Imaginarium Better Watch What You Wish ... Chapter One: The Clocks Hav... Passport 06:07 AM
Simon Shaheen Taqasim on Nay Turath Passport 06:05 AM