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Elimination by Overkill on Matt's Metal Mortuary
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Squids will be Squids

with Edison Dupree and Keely Kohen

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The music on this show is almost as random as its name. Broadcasting everything from doo wop electronic fusions to rock and rap and everything in between. Squids will be Squids is a show that brings you songs you've never heard of, but songs we know you'll love.

The squid is an elusive creature that lives at the treacherous depths of the sea. A creature of mystery and bewilderment. An animal known to kill the largest of whales and destroy boats in seconds. A creature of legend, the squid is a close cousin to the Cthulhu and the son of the Kraken. Squids will be Squids is a radio show that encompasses every attribute of the Squid. So, if you're smooth like jazz or rough like rap, tune in to Squids will be Squids and have your music thirst quenched. Hosted by the Beautiful and talented KK and her zany oddball sidekick this show will have you regretting ever having arms and will have you wishing you had 8 sick tentacles to wave in the air. Even if music doesn't float your boat and you just want to hear some really rad facts about squids and other marine life, you should totally tune in. Squids will be Squids, only on WRFL Lexington.

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