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Three Weeks by Perpetual Groove on Mike After Midnight
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with Taygan Mullins

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Artist Track Album Show Time
Iron Horse Float On Pickin' On Modest Mouse tayganm 02:53 PM
Trout Steak Revival Brighter Every Day Brighter Every Day tayganm 02:50 PM
Darling West Someone Like You While I Was Asleep tayganm 02:47 PM
The Mastersons Anchor Transient Lullaby tayganm 02:40 PM
Sufjan Stevens For the Widows in Paradise,... Greetings from Michigan: Th... tayganm 02:37 PM
Kronos Quartet I See The Sign Folk Songs tayganm 02:30 PM
Tyler Childers (@Moontower ... Lady May Purgatory tayganm 02:24 PM
Dave Rawlings Machine Bodysnatchers Nashville Obsolete tayganm 02:19 PM
This Is The Kit By My Demon Eye Moonshine Freeze tayganm 02:15 PM
Nicholas Jamerson Hindman NJ tayganm 02:08 PM
Guy Clark Rain in Durango My Favorite Picture of You tayganm 02:04 PM
Jeff Tweedy Laminated Cat Together At Last tayganm 02:02 PM
Some Kind of Animal Midnight Some Kind of Animal tayganm 10:23 PM
Banditos Visionland Visionland tayganm 10:21 PM
Wilderado Talkin' About Love To A Cig... Wilderado tayganm 10:13 PM
Jack White Wayfaring Stranger Single tayganm 10:11 PM
Band of Lovers Michigan American Tour tayganm 09:58 PM
Lungs Townes Van Zandt Live at the Old Quarter tayganm 09:56 PM
The Handsome Family Gold Soul Unseen tayganm 09:52 PM
The Deadmen Hollow The Deadmen tayganm 09:48 PM
Kronos Quartet I See the Sign Folk Songs tayganm 09:40 PM
Hiss Golden Messenger Highland Grace Heart Like a Levee tayganm 09:35 PM
Dan Mills Buy A Boat Something Good tayganm 09:31 PM
Future Lives Stumble On Mansions tayganm 09:25 PM
Nicholas Jamerson Hindman NJ tayganm 09:22 PM
Colter Wall Sleeping on The Blacktop Imaginary Appalachia tayganm 09:17 PM
Bob Weir Only A River Blue Ridge Mountain tayganm 09:10 PM
The Deslondes Just In Love With You Hurry Home tayganm 09:08 PM
Tyler Childers Lady May Purgatory tayganm 09:05 PM
Dawes That Western Skyline North Hills tayganm 08:57 PM
Townes Van Zandt Waitin' Around To Die For the Sake of the Song tayganm 08:55 PM
The Mastersons Happy When I'm Movin' Transient Lullaby tayganm 08:51 PM
Lucy Rose Is This Called Home Something's Changing tayganm 08:47 PM
Rayland Baxter The Woman For Me Feathers & Fishhooks tayganm 08:39 PM
Gregory Alan Isakov Virginia May This Empty Northern Hemisphere tayganm 08:36 PM
Future Lives Dancin' With The Stars Mansions tayganm 08:32 PM
Susto Friends, Lovers, Ex-Lovers:... Susto tayganm 08:28 PM
Korey Dane Heart Out West Chamber Girls tayganm 08:25 PM
Tyler Childers Feathered Indians Purgatory tayganm 08:23 PM
Trampled by Turtles Alone Stars and Satellites tayganm 08:18 PM
The Wood Brothers Luckiest Man Ways Not to Lose tayganm 08:11 PM
The Deslondes Ribbon Creeks Collide Hurry Home tayganm 08:09 PM
Caamp All The Debts I Owe Caamp tayganm 08:05 PM
Trampled by Turtles Wait So Long Palomino tayganm 08:02 PM
Holy Oak Basilisk Second Son tayganm 08:21 PM
The Ghost of Paul Revere This Is The End Believe tayganm 03:57 PM
Rod Melancon Redhead Southern Gothic tayganm 03:53 PM
Deer Tick Jumpstarting Single tayganm 03:49 PM
The Deadmen Is That A Road The Deadmen tayganm 03:46 PM
Smooth Hound Smith Get Low Smooth Hound Smith tayganm 03:40 PM