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Open Water by King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard on Hangover Remedies
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Vagenda of Manocide

with Stacey Earley

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Bringing you music from all-female and woman-fronted the hard edges of rock, soul, and every other genre where angry women have raised their voices. Because we have reason to be surly.

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Deejay Surly is taking the Vagenda of Manocide edition of the Surly Show and making it a weekly female throw down—all-female or women-fronted artists form the hard edges of rock, punk, post-punk, garage, metal, psych, early r&b, soul, jazz-blues, roackabilly, etc... anywhere women have decided to respond to exploitation, dismissal, and general bad roads with protest, anger, snark, spitfire, and mad-as-hell-not-gonna-take-it-anymore vitriol. Strong women have been a prominent voice in popular music since day one, and Vagenda of Manocide casts the spotlight on the obscure to the iconic female heroes at a time when it ‘s more important than ever that women recognize and be recognized. We have good reason to be surly.

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