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Been So Long ft. Leng by StéLouse on Squids will be Squids
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with Avery Rondinelli


Artist Track Album Show Time
LCD Soundsystem Get Innocuous! Sound of Silver WRFL-LIVE 09:51 PM
Isle of Eight Low Dive WRFL Live WRFL-LIVE 09:46 PM
Isle of Eight Sicker WRFL Live WRFL-LIVE 09:43 PM
Isle of Eight Helluvateem WRFL Live WRFL-LIVE 09:37 PM
Isle of Eight Emperor WRFL Live WRFL-LIVE 09:31 PM
Isle of Eight Killing You WRFL Live WRFL-LIVE 09:24 PM
Isle of Eight Minimum Wage WRFL Live WRFL-LIVE 09:19 PM
Isle of Eight Tenet WRFL Live WRFL-LIVE 09:16 PM
Isle of Eight Anyway Anyway WRFL Live WRFL-LIVE 09:11 PM
Isle of Eight Jean Jacket WRFL Live WRFL-LIVE 09:07 PM
Isle of Eight Ricochet WRFL Live WRFL-LIVE 09:03 PM
Isle of Eight Intro WRFL Live WRFL-LIVE 09:00 PM
Jim James Same Old Lie Eternally Even WRFL-LIVE 08:55 PM
Idiot Glee Evergreen Psycho Idiot Glee WRFL-LIVE 08:54 PM
Slint Kent Tweez WRFL-LIVE 08:41 PM
My Morning Jacket Circuital Circuital WRFL-LIVE 08:32 PM
Big Fresh Paralyzed Fall Preview EP WRFL-LIVE 08:26 PM
ATTEMPT Personal Best Personal Fables WRFL-LIVE 08:22 PM
White Reaper Make Me Wanna Die White Reaper Does It Again WRFL-LIVE 08:19 PM
Jandergan Waxwing Tilted Heads WRFL-LIVE 08:15 PM
Johnny Conqueroo Who Do You Trust? Washed Up WRFL-LIVE 08:11 PM
The Past She Won't See You The End of What's to Come WRFL-LIVE 08:05 PM
Second Story Man Harvey Second Story Man WRFL-LIVE 08:01 PM
LCD Soundsystem other voices American Dream WRFL-LIVE 09:55 PM
CAN Moonshake Future Days WRFL-LIVE 09:51 PM
Steely Dan Black Cow Aja WRFL-LIVE 09:46 PM
Champs of the Sun Bless Your Heart WRFL Live WRFL-LIVE 09:39 PM
Champs of the Sun That Book WRFL Live WRFL-LIVE 09:35 PM
Champs of the Sun Launch Party WRFL Live WRFL-LIVE 09:29 PM
Champs of the Sun Days and Days WRFL Live WRFL-LIVE 09:25 PM
Champs of the Sun Maysville WRFL Live WRFL-LIVE 09:22 PM
Champs of the Sun Mercy WRFL Live WRFL-LIVE 09:17 PM
Champs of the Sun Mutany WRFL Live WRFL-LIVE 09:11 PM
Champs of the Sun Live a Lil WRFL Live WRFL-LIVE 09:05 PM
Champs of the Sun True WRFL Live WRFL-LIVE 09:00 PM
Alabaster Orange Put Ya Shades On Alabaster Orange WRFL-LIVE 08:56 PM
Chino Vadgi WAVE$ Kids In The Street WRFL-LIVE 08:52 PM
Stuart Wickie Band Wyoming Live EP WRFL-LIVE 08:50 PM
Boa Swift Camp Creek Single WRFL-LIVE 08:47 PM
Johnny Conqueroo Whippets Washed Up WRFL-LIVE 08:40 PM
The Past In a Field of Poppies The End of What's to Come WRFL-LIVE 08:32 PM
White Reaper Judy French The World's Best American B... WRFL-LIVE 08:26 PM
Chlorine Peace With Nothing Peace With Nothing WRFL-LIVE 08:23 PM
My Morning Jacket Steam Engine It Still Moves WRFL-LIVE 08:16 PM
Big Fresh Like Swayze Fall Preview EP WRFL-LIVE 08:10 PM
Idiot Glee Don't Go Out Tonight Paddywhack WRFL-LIVE 08:06 PM
ATTEMPT Getting It Personal Fables WRFL-LIVE 08:02 PM
Pond Colder That Ice The Weather WRFL-LIVE 09:56 PM