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Local Artist: Space Camp

On Wednesday, May 23, Lexington rock band, Space Camp, performed on WRFL Live with guest host, DJ Zach Monk.

Band members include:

Shane Goforth- Lead guitar

Joe Buckles- Bass and vocals

Brent Hume- Drums

“I’ve been trying to get [Space Camp] in here forever,” said DJ Zach Monk. “I can’t believe this actually happening.”

Space Camp describes themselves as, “A grooving psychedelic rock group born in the fifth dimension.” Space Camp plays the kind of loud, teeth-shaking, gut-punching music that drowns out any other sound nearby. Their excellent instrumentalists craft a sound that you can get pumped up listening to. Their upcoming music is experimental progressive rock with long tracks, up to 10 minutes.

The band has been performing together as Space Camp since 2015, though they say they had played together before that. The friendship between drummer Brent Hume and guitarist Shane Goforth dates back to their middle school years.

Space Camp is preparing to record music this summer. You can find them on Facebook and catch them at local shows.