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Local Artist: Big Fresh

Lexington band, Big Fresh, has some fresh music coming soon. The band, about the size of a small army, was a guest on WRFL Live. Big Fresh played a collection of their songs on the show, including, “Uh-Oh,” and “Rumors.” The band is getting ready to release a new EP, “Sweeps.”

The band includes John Ferguson, Faith Diamond, Kim Conlee, Ben Fulton, Trevor Tremaine, Matthew Clarke, Dave Farris, Ben Phelan, Bryan Gore, Brian Connors Manke and Nick Coleman.

“We’re like gremlins,” said band member, John Ferguson. “We keep multiplying.”

Big Fresh began in the late 90’s. It originally was a four piece. The band has grown and changed over time and released a number of albums along the way. The band has now started a label called Desperate Spirits. In addition to Big Fresh, the label includes ATTEMPT, Italian Beaches and Jeanne Vomit-Terror.

Big Fresh’s members often play multiple instruments as well as lend their vocals to the music. The result is a fun and colorful pop sound that blends the talents of many members into one cohesive sound. The band describes their creative process as organic- they don’t follow a set formula. Big Fresh’s sound could be compared to bands like Superorganism, OK Go or They Might Be Giants.

Big Fresh’s new EP, “Sweeps,” is being released on August 10. The EP serves as part two to Big Fresh’s EP from last summer, “Fall Preview EP.” Every song on the EP will feature a guest vocalist. Big Fresh will be having an album release show at The Burl on August 19 from 1-3PM. More information can be found on Facebook.