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Able Baker Rock Out in Lexington for their First Tour

Able Baker, an indie-rock band based in Madison, Wisconsin, performed at Al’s Bar on April 5th. They were accompanied by The Present Age, a fellow Wisconsin band; and local Lexington acts Venice Under Water and Naptaker. It was the band’s second show in Kentucky for their first ever tour.

“I think for someone who’d come to an Able Baker show, I’d like for them to leave having had a cathartic experience,” said Tim Anderson, Guitarist and Lead Vocalist for Able Baker.

Including Anderson, Able Baker boasts a lineup of Second Guitarist Ilyich Meza, Lead Drummer Luis Acosta. Jr,  and Bassist and Backing Vocalist Cameron Constanzo.

In 2022, Able Baker released the two singles “Tornado Alley” and “Helicopter Parents.” Anderson says he began working on the songs right before the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Those were songs that kind of came out in a burst of songwriting,” said Anderson. 

He explains he wrote “Helicopter Parents” after recalling an instance where he snuck out of his parents house to hang out with friends one summer night. Anderson describes it as a “strong, vivid memory,” as it was the driving force behind the song’s creation. The song itself is about the dynamic of growing up with strict parents and the humor of it all.

“I’ve always sort of been interested in songwriting, and when I got to high school, I was very much writing songs all the time,” said Anderson. 

Anderson became interested in songwriting when he played music with one of his friends whose dad was a musician. He describes music as a “magical thing.”

Since then, music has been a big part of Anderson’s life. He is now the primary songwriter for Able Baker. 

“I definitely want to make stuff people enjoy,” said Anderson.  Able Baker is currently on their first official tour. According to the band’s official Facebook, their last show is scheduled for April 22nd in Madison, Wisconsin at the High Noon Saloon. You can keep up with Able Baker through their official Facebook and their official BandCamp page.