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Band Watkins: The New Southern Psychedelic Sound

In need of an escape from reality? Then look no further than the music of the University of Kentucky
Alum and his band are called Watkins. This southern psychedelic band is not afraid to accept a good
challenge when it comes to developing their music.

Their second album is out now and is called Unbiased Eyes. This band consists of the lead singer,
Taylor Watkins, and drummer Scott Harris. This album in a way serves as a reminder to
disregard judgment and outside voices that can impact a person’s mental state.

“I think what the album touches on is and I like to kind of think of it as satire in a way is just
removing yourself from the social norms and experiencing the now because all the imprintstation

from society, just everyday life you can get all these bad habits,” says Watkins.

By shifting the power and accepting themselves for who they were, Band Watkins was able to find
their own sound and move in the direction of growth for developing their band. Watkins’s
breakdowns and what unbiased eyes mean to him.

He said, “To see without judgment, just to kind to take each day by day, and just take your
perspective back to the beginning and kind of unlearn all the things that you carried with you
your whole life”

Band Watkins is not defined as one genre of music such as southern psychedelic or alternative
rock. Their music has the ability to transcend into storytelling when listening and makes a listener
want to be present in the moment.

He said, “I look at the album as a narrative that is one long story, the album is supposed to flow
all together.”

Story flow for the first album to the second shows not only a different type of storytelling from their
different tones from each other when it comes to sound and flow. But as well as the difference in

Taylor Watkins explains how the first album that Band Watkins produced and created was a
steppingstone in the right direction. Watkin said. “I think both of us [Scott Harris and Taylor
Waktins] was really really happy to see the tremendous growth from the production of the first
record to what we are capability doing on the second”.

The band is planning to do a summer concert series in North Carolina, Lexington, and Nashville
areas. In addition to touring, there is going to be new music released soon.

Follow the band’s social media, @thebandwatkins on Instagram to keep up to date with their
activity. Be to stream their latest album, Unbiased Eyes, on all platforms.