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WRFL Broadcast Schedule - Summer 2017

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Midnight-1am mattyounger Finding Emo Old Meets New Hank Russell The Neptune Dip Go! Go! Metal Rangers Something Completely Different
1am-2am Max & Grace Sterlison
2am-3am stephenhicks
3am-4am ThruTheVibe After Hours with Simon Inside-Out LawrenciaDixon Maya Colonel Kisling's Sound brigade Rollin With Tess
6am-7am Terinah pacochaos Gavin and Sam rotkaepp quedUpRadio Passport
7am-8am Trivial Thursdays
8am-9am The Pacobilly Hour The Renaissance
9am-10am Neverland Ballroom Democracy Now! Ages 3 & Up
10am-11am Bits & Pieces LizzieG The Bindle Wyn Morris Against the Grain Blue Yodel #9
Noon-1pm Down the Hatch The Show w/ Ronnie Philosophy Bakes Bread The Humpday Bump! Greetings and Love TheGrid The Honky Tonk Happy Hour
2pm-3pm Two Human Disasters tayganm Good Vibrations Alton's Electronics indranimeows Cool Guy Has Chill Day Pretty Coarse
4pm-5pm The World Beat Asleep at the Wheel Nomad Driftwood Songs Bangin' on Basin Street The Stick Shift w/ Matt All Things Heavy!
5pm-6pm The Weekend Wave
6pm-7pm Great Great Grandmusic JohnO Downbeats bootsandbirds TEKtalks Phantom Power Double Hour eltrenlatino
7pm-8pm Digital Planet
8pm-9pm Generations of Jazz The Percy Trout Hour The Way Out WRFL-LIVE Open House RECRUITMENT WRFL Psychedelicatessen
10pm-11pm ejhadley Old School Hip-Hop The Party Panda Power Hour Humanoid Experiments The Musical Box Sexually Speaking Serious Moonlite with Brandon S Bowker
11pm-Midnight mellisa

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