Show Name DJ Short bio
2 Hours to Midnight Bryce Laramore and Morgan Smith Eclectic indie rock in the first hour, and a synth pop perk up in the second.
35mm Chris Wright a film talk show focused on technique.
777 Radio Eric B Prater 777 Radio looks at various composers/artists in video games and other media
aaronlerner Aaron Lerner
abaker083 Alejandro Baker
After Hours with Simon Simon Moore
Against the Grain William
Ages 3 & Up Emily C. WIlhoit
ahohiemer Austin Hohiemer
ajgaidzik AJ Gaidzik
alex_brinkhorst Alexander K Brinkhorst
All Things Heavy! Mike Bray A shoiw dedicated to All Things Heavy, which can be Metal, Punk Garage Rock, and even other genres I deem Heavy.
All Tomorrow's Parties Joe Will I like to play 90s Indie-Rock, Punk, Post-Punk, Folk, 60s Garage and Psych-Rock, Funk, Soul, Country, Instrumental and Jazz among other genres.
Alton's Electronics Alton Chancy
amplified_sample Frank Brown
Analog to Digital Patrick Calkins Synthwave, Outrun, Future-Synth, 80's Revival
Anarchy In The U.K. Brian Benson In your face, kick to the teeth, no holds barred punk/hardcore show.
Anatheium PAmela Hammond
Archivist Katrina Dixon
Artist Spotlight Thingy Chris Wright
Aryana & Maya Aryana Misaghi and Maya Collins-Paterson
Asleep at the Wheel Jackman Ochs
atmorgan1 Ashtin Morgan
Attack & Decay Kevin Truhlar Jr
Aural Textures w/ Bitslip Matthew Clarke Experimental sound collage, songs, and sounds.
Avant-Garbagé John Henry Reynolds Music you've never heard of.
Avery R Avery Rondinelli
baileyanne2223 Bailey Schultz
Bangin' on Basin Street Allison Pin Catch ya favorite NOLA sounds with ya girl, A-Pinny.
bcmanke Brian Connors Manke
Be Kind, Please Rewind Chandler Stevenson Ready to feel nostalgic?
Beatsbytrey Trey Willoughby
Bedroom Productions Robbie Gay A talk show about music production and music theory.
Ben Allen Ben Allen
bendysmith Benjamin Smith
bensouthworth Ben Southworth
Best Coast Bump josh brumleve From ATL to L.A. and back to the Bronx, were bouncin' to the best of both beaches each week on the Best Coast Bump
Bigbadwolf Hudson Hawkins
Bits & Pieces Tyler Turcotte
Blake and Clay Clay Ainslie and Blake Bosch
Blake bosch Blake Bosch
Blastaxe Asa Brackett
Blue Yodel Emily C. WIlhoit Bluegrass, Old-time, and Gospel!
Blue Yodel #9 Ashleigh Barks WRFL presents the best bluegrass in the Bluegrass: two hours filled with folk, gospel, old-tyme and bluegrass music!
Booey Jennifer Bui
bootsandbirds Brenna Greenwell
Both Sides of the Brain Frank Brown
brianlfrye Brian L. Frye
Brightside Taylor Stephens
Brosius Graham
cam_childress Cameron Childress
Campus Voices Noah Oldham Campus Voices is a talk show that reports on local issues and problems around the community.
captainmorgan131 Morgan Smith
Carmen San Diego Carmen Stinson
carmon97 Hayden Carmon
carsonkehres Carson Kehres
Cass Cassini Griffin
Centro-Sur Carlos Gardeazabal Voices and sounds from the global south.
Cframe70 Cassie Frame
cgreene64 William Clay Greene
cgriffi Caiti Griffiths
Charlie Charlie Carey
charlyh Charly Hyden
ChiTownHousemaster Raphael Evans
Chuck C Chuck Clenney
Ckokinda0001 Chloe Kokinda
Clay Greene's Bluesy Things William Clay Greene I play the Blues and anything that could be loosely defined as "Blues-influenced"
clayainslie Clay Ainslie
Colonel Kisling's Sound brigade Phillip Kisling Join me, Colonel Kisling, every week as I take you on a musical journey through the weirdest playlists, genres, artists and more! It's always something different when you join my Sound Brigade.
Colonel Klausing's Sounds of the Season Brigade Phillip Kisling
Cooking in the Kitschen Anna Stamm Kitschy and campy music galore.
Cool Guy Has Chill Day Audrey Campbell
coolguy Audrey Campbell
cpayn Charlie Payne
Cunningham Nathan Cunningham
Cutthroat Kisling's Sounds of Hell Brigade Phillip Kisling All October Long
daniel_eaton Daniel Eaton
danielblack Daniel black
davefarris David Farris
derk_jones William Derek Jones
dickenbock Gary Dickerson
DickieJo Richie Johnson
Digital Planet John O'shea World and electronic music from across the globe
DJ Alpha Wesley Roark
DJ Jess Jessica Mason
DJ Sick Chase Campbell DJ Sick is ready to bless all car stereos, computers and phones in the Lexington area with fun pop punk jams and good vibes
DJ Smashtin Ashtin Morgan
DJ-AYER-Z Michael Ayers
DJ_Hummel Chris Wright
djackso3 Deborah Jackson
djalliecat Allie Plata
DjAna Pamela Hammond
DJChlo Chloé Robertson
DJJackmanOchs Jackman Ochs
DJoeFresh Jordan Imlay
DJRyanMosley Ryan Mosley
DjTheDon Dasia Johnson
DKWebb Dennis Webb
Doing Radio Ethan Fedele and Hank Russell We do radio
Double Disc Vinyl Show! John Burke An all vinyl show with daily genre plays!
Down the Hatch Jim Bledsoe A little bit country, a little bit rock 'n' roll!
Downbeats Miles Woodrum
DowntownBrown Adam Brown
DowntownSarahBrown Sarah Brown
Driftwood Songs Christopher Browning for castaways and better days
EC Listening Emily Crace
Eddie Crowe AJ Gaidzik Introducing you to musicians, new and old!
efb Emma Friedman-Buchanan
ejhadley Elizabeth J. Hadley sad white girl indie rock
Eliza Gray Eliza Gray
ellengreen Ellen Green
eltrenlatino Luis Hernandez
Emo Night Collin Skeen #emozen
empenava Elizabeth Penava
Empyrean Andrew Polson
End of the Line John O'shea Join your conductor JohnO and various guest hosts every week as he plays an eclectic mix of independent: rock, world, & electronic music as you ride the week to the End of the Line
ershelton Eric Shelton
Etheridge Kellie
etweber Eric Thomas Weber
Exit Strategy Avery Rondinelli Music Director Avery Rondinelli's Final show for WRFL
fadermonster Jim Bledsoe
ffedele Ethan Fedele
Finding Emo Maxwell Smith
Flow State Maxwell Smith Free format show celebrating excellence in musicality
From Me To You Lizzie Buck What if Howard Stern was a gentile? What if Delilah was cool? What if Matt Jones did shout outs?
From the Woods Kentucky Laura and Renee Williams All Things Forestry
Frontside Grind w/ Eddie Crowe Eddie Crowe Introducing you to the most memorable musicians that will always make you turn the volume up
Future Bangers Alton Chancy Hot new future bass tracks and artists
Future Dad Ethan Fedele Hand-picked tracks for you to wind down with.
G-Man Galen McCarty
gabe123! Gabriel Graves
Gandalf's Record Box Michael Clark Magical music for a dreadfully chaotic world.
Garata55 George Arata
Gavin and Sam Gavin Holiday
General Merriment Chris Wright Stand up and cheer! A roving block show focused on folk from around the world!
Generations of Jazz Sarah Schmidt
Go! Go! Metal Rangers Charly Hyden
Good Vibrations Ashleigh Barks Bringing you the best in 50's, 60's and 70's music every Tuesday!
Great Great Grandmusic Steven Vogt WRFL's premier antique music show, Fall 2014- Summer 2017
Green Talks Lauren Thomas and Sophie Beavin
Greetings and Love Ben Allen Reggae-Dub-Dancehall
Groove it or Lose it Megan Pham sit back, kick your feet up, & enjoy
Gruesome Gabber Jason Sogan Everything Nightcore Isn't
HAL Chris Wheeler
Haley R. Haley Robey
Hangover Remedies Destiny Carter take all the fills, play all the music
Hank Russell Hank Russell
Hardy Andrew Hardy
heysela Sela Papapietro just some good music ya know
horatioalger Sean McNally
Human Music Christian Hilbert An exploration of EDM and its various subgenres. All things Electronic can be found here!
Humanoid Experiments Nathan Hewitt
I'M NOT WORTHY! Lizzie Buck What if Howard Stern was a gentile? What if Delilah was cool? What if Matt Jones did shout outs?
In the Pocket Destiny Carter and Larencia Dixon All the jazz, funk, and soul, you need to start your Tuesday afternoon drive-times on the good foot!
indie-gestion Alex Miller Here at "indie-gestion," the tunes don't go down easy.
indrani gets next to you Indrani Chatterjee let the most soulful show on the radio sweet-talk your emotions and smooth out the rough edges of your day
indranimeows Indrani Chatterjee this is me doing a fill
Inside-Out Zeke Goggin "Inside-Out" is a weekly mixtape of Outsider, Avant-Garde, and Experimental Music
ItIsWednesdayMyDudes Avery Rondinelli UHHHHHHH!!!!!
Jackie83 John Benjamin Sowders
Jams With Jada Jada Trabue
Jams with James James Williamson
Jazz Five Spot Sean McElroy New Jazz releases and related; music and historical perspective
jdnerz Jonathan Nerz
jeffreydj Jeffrey Jones
JessicaP Jessica Perry
JHarmon Justin Harmon
Joewf Joseph Fisher
John Larson John Larson big Death fan
John's Dojo John Burke The sounds unseen by your eyeholes that DJ JB will bring to your attention, will penetrate your ears and lift your souls.
johnferg99 John Ferguson
JohnO John O'shea
joidaniellej Danielle Joi Johnson
JOU304 Scoobie Ryan's class
juliafromthe615 Julia Nickle
Julianna Julianna Dantzer
Jump Shark! David Zhang Five one star reviews makes this a five star show.
junes cery
Just Beneath the Surface Paige Kappes Show of energetic remixes with contemporary and old-school styles of music
justaryana Aryana Misaghi
K Simon Kyle Simon Bedroom tracks
Kate Kate Latham
Kenleigh Kenleigh Joseph Meh
kevintruhlarjr Kevin Truhlar Jr
kris10petty Kristen Petty
ktfaithful Katie O'Neill transition into your afternoon with some good upbeat jams & bops!!
kthenning27 Katie Henning
La's Galaxy Larencia Dixon
lameace Lameace Hussain
Late Night Greene T. Taylor Greene Just chillin' music, most of the time.
LaurenFrances Lauren Thomas
leahumberg Leah Umberg
leilamende Leila Mende
liemle Liem Le
linwood.scott Linwood Scott
ListeningToLuken Joe Luken
LizzieG Lizzie Gray
Lmende Leila Mende
Logan's Run Logan Ragsdale
loganragsdale Logan Ragsdale
Lost & Found Maxwell Smith A weekly exploration of break-out artists, local and global, who don't yet have a robust listenership
LydiaBrothers Lydia Brothers
MacyAloi Macy Gould
Marc Marc Heft
maria_starck Maria Starck
maryclark_ Mary Clark
Mat71 Mathew
Matt is a DJ Matthew Clarke Matt is probably filling in for another DJ
Matt's Metal Mortuary Matt Dacey Matt's Metal Mortuary
mattgibson Matt Gibson
Matthew H. Matthew Hazelwood
mattyounger Matt
Max & Grace Maxwell Smith
Maya Maya Collins-Paterson
mayamusic Maya Collins-Paterson
melanjolly Cameron Childress and Benjamin Smith and Taygan Mullins Songs for the ups and downs, good and bad, happy and sad.
mellisa Mellisa Estebo
Messy Minds Terina
mickjeffries Mick Jeffries
Mike After Midnight Michael Turner The clock strikes midnight, the people of lexington are unaware of the ferocious yet soothing blend of roaring lead guitar, chilling piano and thumping bass line's about to be thrown down as the melodic rhythm "steals your face right off your head"
miles.dubs Miles Woodrum
Milkshake Cravings Isaac Reeder All day every day I just want a milkshake.
MissSarah Sarah Smitha
mmmKeedar Kendra Portwood
Molotovsparky Zach Settles
monstergabe Jessie Partin
Morgan Thomas Morgan Thomas
morrissey Patrick Morrissey
mrohlfing123 Merritt Rohlfing
Mturner Michael Turner
music with robbiegay Robbie Gay The show where we listen to music.
Naminex Franki Arroyo
Nancy Has the Shingles joey Nancy Has the Shingles, a pathway into consciousness and sociological extremities.
Neo-Classical Thingy Chris Wright
Nerdyginger27 Chandler Stevenson
Neverland Ballroom Rob Camp
NeverlandBallroom Rob Camp
Nito's "Neat Show!" Noah Tolson Join me, Nito (Noah I. To.) in an exploration of some of my favorite music and into the realm of artists unknown.
no mf normies Summer Behling
No! Ah! Noah Oldham Indie Pop, Local Music and the latest news that's making us go 'No! Ah!'
Nocturnal Nights with Neha Neha Yousuf Indie-rock/indie pop from 6-7 am on Sundays
Nocturnal Nights with Neha (Bollywood) Neha Yousuf Bollywood music from 5-6 am on Sundays
Nomad Chris Wright Sci-fi radio drama augmented by music.
nthnhwtt Nathan Hewitt
O'Kane Casey O'Kane
ohhelloohokohwow Michael Perry
Old Meets New Christian Hilbert
Old School Hip-Hop Tom Miller
Old Time Radio Drama Show Anna Stamm Radio dramas from the past
Oldskool Rave Jason Sogan Acid House, Jungle, House, Hardcore, Techno, and more
On Another Planet Madalaine Adkins A chill show that plays hip hop and alternative music.
One Thousand Heroes Chris Wright Folk tales from around the world accompanied by music.
Open House Benjamin Dixon
Oscillation Summer Behling Too borderline to stick to a genre
OUTLOUD Nathan Hewitt
pacochaos Kevin Martinez
passio(nate) Nate Cortas
Passport Sean McElroy Passport explores the sounds of Jazz, world, and ambient electronic music. My goal is to find the relationships and parallels between these forms.
Pat & Chuck Patrick Morrissey and Chuck Clenney
pcrosse Phil Crosse
percytrout Kenn Minter
Performance Tomorrow Aryana Misaghi YourCrassical - Classical Music for Tomorrow
Phantom Power Double Hour John F. Clark
Philosophy Bakes Bread Eric Thomas Weber Philosophy Bakes Bread is a radio show and podcast that first airs on WRFL Lexington, 88.1 fm, subsequently released as a podcast. Philosophy Bakes Bread is a production of the Society of Philosophers in America (SOPHIA) and is intended to showcase the public importance of philosophy, both for our everyday lives and for leadership in the policy world.
Playlist A.D.D. Andrew Cummins An eclectic blend of genres with no particular focus
Polyphonic Pietra Coliseum Joshua Castillo One dude exploring the realm of music
prcompton Ross Compton
Pretty Coarse Adam Drury
Prime Time Radio Colton Alstott
ptcalkins Patrick Calkins
quedUpRadio Yaboiqued Independent and Unsigned Radio, hot topics interviews and community involvement.
Questionable Comfort Wesley Shafer and Julianna Dantzer
quillerkeen Kathleen Kilcoyne
RADonahue Ronnie Donahue
raining in lexington Nate Cortas A late night blend of lo fi, vaporwave, ambient and new age for lying awake and watching the rain.
Raph Craig Raphael Evans
Rated M for Mature William Clay Greene A talk show about video games
Reid Johnson Reid Johnson
rjdtim Tim Knowlton
Rollin With Tess Tess Harris
Rolling With Tess Harris
Rolling With Tess Tess Harris
rotkaepp Anna Stamm
Russian Radio Hannah Rodgers
Russkoe Radio Benjamin Dixon and Alejandro Baker
ryanruff Ryan Ruff
SamMcCauley Sam McCauley
sarybee Sarah Heaslip
Savannah Megan Pham
scorch Alex E Murphie
selegue John Selegue
Self Help Radio Gary Dickerson
Serious Moonlite with Brandon S Bowker Brandon S Bowker Serious Moonlite is a pop music mixtape, with Singer/Songwriter Brandon S Bowker spinning tracks by artist from Jump Little Children to Those Bastard Souls to Marina and the Diamonds, and many more.
seschmidt Sarah Schmidt
Seth Midkiff Seth Midkiff
Sexually Speaking Mellisa Estebo
Shadows of Light Zach Mink Interested in energetic builds and spectacular drops? I've got the tunes to cure any ailment you may so posses.
ShrimpShramp Grace Jenkins
Sleep Science Emily Hannah Songs about science for anyone awake during the wee hours
Something Completely Different Stephen Hicks It's the show that plays the Monty Python sound byte
Soul movement Jasper Scott A show that gets back to the movement of the soul
Soundpound Adam Brown
space_mans Cassini Griffin This is my fill name. See the HEAVYSET for jams.
spark Grant Sparks
spencercell Brian Spencer Hall
Squids will be Squids Edison Dupree The music on this show is almost as random as its name. Broadcasting everything from doo wop electronic fusions to rock and rap and everything in between. Squids will be Squids is a show that brings you songs you've never heard of, but songs we know you'll love.
Stacey Stacey Earley
Stand Up & Scream Joe Luken
State of the Commonwealth Cameron Childress
State Songs Ben Southworth
stephenhicks Stephen Hicks
Ster Crazy Christian Hilbert
Sterlison Christian Hilbert
stickyyy420 Chelsea Alexandra Toth
Studio Graffiti Ryan Mosley A Tribute Mix to Vandalism
Surly’s Spook Show Stacey Earley Terror! Thrills! Chills! Surly’s Spook Show robs the graves of punk, garage, early r&b, and metal to curse you with the unspeakable horror of the bone shaking harder edge of rock n roll.
Syndycate Sydney Noble The absolute trillest alternative two hours of your life ;)
System Blower Avery Rondinelli Underground Hip-Hop
T-Rocks Tatum Tucker soft rock, indy music preferably with a pop/jazz feel. some folk and unknown 80s music
Tara and Jen Tara Prasad and Jennifer Bui
taraprasad Tara Prasad
tayganm Taygan Mullins
TBD Franki Arroyo
Tea Time Aileen A variety of music supplemented with a brief recap of the week's news and social media trends.
TechTalks Anna Stamm and Jason Sogan TechTalks lives again.
TEKtalks Grant Sparks
TEL King Radio Ben Allen MLK Center interview and talk program
temperingtantrum temperingtantrum
Terinah Terina
The Anna-log Hour Anna Garlock Step back to the time of analog with 80s and 90s alternative with a bit of today
The Bazaar Nathan Hewitt international music released in the last seven days
The Bindle Katrina Dixon and Brian L. Frye
The Burd's Nest Jonathan Burdick Fledgling program seeking to provide high quality programming to the Bluegrass
The Catacombs Justin Harmon
The Classical Hour Jonathan Nerz
The Echo Chamber Macy Gould and Maria Starck
The Fitness Gram Pacer Test Franki Arroyo and Harleigh Barnett
The Fixins Colton Alstott
The Gay Show Kyle Simon LGBTQ+ talk show focusing on education, culture, and history
The Grid Chris Wright and Franki Arroyo "We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams."
The Hazelwood Hotline Matthew Hazelwood A show with music, laughs and learning concerning the history of ideas.
THE HEAVYSET Trevor Whatevr (Tre L.) and Cassini Griffin Dude, you heard this sh*t?
the HEX BOX with Trevor Whatevr Trevor Whatevr (Tre L.)
The Honky Tonk Happy Hour Jessica Perry
The Hop Heard 'Round the World josh brumleve Selections focusing on sounds and styles from unique regions and cities within Hip Hop
The Humpday Bump! Zach Monk Your favorite upbeat, funk infused, jamtastic, electro, futuristic, poppy, rockin', mashup!
The Humpday Happy Hour William Clay Greene Get hyped to get sad
The Juke Joint at the Edge of the Week Paul de Lange Trans-oceanic, pan-holistic tour across independent music from all over the world
The Mellow Recline Morgan Thomas
The Musical Box Jeffrey Jones
The Neptune Dip Zac Meadows
The Pacobilly Hour Kevin Martinez
The Party Panda Power Hour Brian Spencer Hall 2 hours of awesome music that'll make you dance.
The Pearl of the Clam Rebecca Martinez The Pearl of the Clam is a show featuring all of the hidden pearls in the large clam that is the world of music.
The Percy Trout Hour Kenn Minter
The Re-View Rebecca Martinez and Sela Papapietro Tune Trivia. With a new theme every week Sela and Reba each prepare a playlist to share with each other and their audience.
The Records Division Darin King The Records Division takes an in-depth look into weekly themes or special features. The Records Division will consider all genres or styles on a case by case basis and will not discriminate.
The Renaissance Anna Stamm
The Show w/ Ronnie Ronnie Donahue
The Shrine Leila Mende Thursdays 5-7am
The Stick Shift w/ Matt Matthew Clarke
The Untitled Show Wesley Shafer
The Way Out Matt Gibson and David Farris
The Weekend Wave Matthew Clarke Surf Music!
The Whine & Lime Destiny Carter Tracks bumping straight from the Islands. Tune in for 2 hours of Reggae, Calypso more Afro-Caribbean inspired jams!
The World Beat Marc Heft and William Cheves A two hour travelog of music from anywhere in the world and any era
theBryceisright Bryce Laramore
TheGrid Franki Arroyo
This City Breathes W/Colonel Kisling Phillip Kisling Late at night, you're still up. You can't sleep, you reach for a cigarette. It's your last, your lucky strike. You step outside and light up when suddenly the wind blows, burning it down to the halfway point. You sigh. This City Breathes.
Thru The Vibe Ron Robinette Weekly show featuring mixes of house and techno.
ThruTheVibe Stephen Wiggins
tiny daggers (up to heaven) Christopher Browning chris, unmoored
toast & jams Julianna Dantzer variations on rock (modern, indie, classic, folk, garage, whiny sad girl, etc--you know, the basics) and occasionally dipping a toe into some other genres as well
totalbadash Ashleigh Barks
Trivial Thursdays Mick Jeffries WRFL's community arts evangelism show with LexPatriot #1 Mick Jeffries
tuesday night music club Christopher Browning all the music you love and none of the music you hate
Two Human Disasters Caiti Griffiths and Anna von Schmeling Start your week with indie electronica and alt rock
Tyler Tyler Worthington
Unkle Foddy Steven Vogt Raging independent rock and pointed progressive commentary. 8-10 pm EST.
Upchurch Creek Trenton I have no idea where I'm going, I'm up the creek without a paddle. You're along for the ride, and fortunately (or unfortunately) you're stuck with me in the meantime.
Us in the Morning Cassini Griffin and Phillip Kisling Us in the Morning is a homage to wake up drive time shock jocks of yesteryear.
Vagenda of Manocide Stacey Earley Bringing you music from all-female and woman-fronted the hard edges of rock, soul, and every other genre where angry women have raised their voices. Because we have reason to be surly.
Vampandy Colby Minear This show has nothing to do with vampires. #FreeAlbright #LongLiveVampandy
Vampandy Colby Minear See I combined the words Vampire and Andy into one word; it was clever.
Vinyl Interiors Revell Carr Dig deep into the vinyl vaults and explore eclectic music from all times and places. Your guide will be UK ethnomusicologist Dr. Revell Carr.
Virtual Luxury Lizzie Gray
Vox Beatitudo Logan Ballard The voice of happiness
wcco224 Wes Cornelius
Weapons of Choice Allison Pin What up?! A-Pinny is in the house with her "Weapons of Choice". All kinds of sweet beats (jazz, funk, soul, R&B, hip-hop) on Saturdays noon - 2 pm.
What's Out There Maxwell Smith Deep Dive into a different genre every week, featuring underrated artists who have small online followings.
Whatevr Works Trevor Whatevr (Tre L.) Fresh electronic beats, frantic synthesizers, and fortune cookies with Trevor Whatevr.
Woefully Unhip Becky Fulton A grad student studying to be a librarian who will probably always stay woefully unhip.
worldbill William Cheves
WRFL Alumni Show Brian Connors Manke
WRFL Live Cameron Childress and Avery Rondinelli
WRFL Psychedelicatessen Paul Sineath Saturday nights 8 - 10 PM ::
WRFL Talks John Burke Interviews with WRFL DJ's!
WRFL Trainee WRFL Training Account
Wyn Morris Wyn Morris
y_cod Cody Putman
Yyz505 James K Brown
zacmeadows Zac Meadows
ZLMink Zach Mink
🎲 Live Action Radio Play 📻 Ben Allen and Grant Sparks and Ashleigh Barks and Christian Hilbert and Anna Stamm and Maxwell Smith and William Clay Greene