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with Steven Vogt

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Cousing Foddy Trout - Percy Trout Hour

Artist Track Album Show Time
Sunny Days Mrs. Mary [Cruise record] unklefoddy 08:32 PM
Tipsy Hard Petting Uh-Oh! unklefoddy 08:28 PM
Mustafa Ozkent Emmioglu Genclik Ile Elele unklefoddy 08:28 PM
Mirtha Y Raul (Cuba) El Salvaje Amor V/A Ain't Nothin' 'Bout 'Ga... unklefoddy 08:27 PM
Allan Sherman Mexican Hat Dance foddy unklefoddy 08:20 PM
Buster Brown Fannie Mae -1959 foddy unklefoddy 08:19 PM
The Royal Guardsmen Bears Snoopy Vs. The Red Baron unklefoddy 08:12 PM
The Daylighters Oh Mom (Teach Me How To Unc... V/A Show Me What You Got! unklefoddy 08:09 PM
Stomp Gordon The Grind V/A Savage Kick v.10 unklefoddy 08:07 PM
Chubby Checker Your Lips And Mine For Teen Twisters Only unklefoddy 08:06 PM
Sugar And Sweet Do The Dive V/A Savage Kick v.10 unklefoddy 08:04 PM
Barrel House Five Orchestra Mama Stayed Out - 1929 V/A The Rise And Fall Of Pa... unklefoddy 07:32 PM
Sallie Stembler Everything's Funny To Me - ... UCSB Cylinder unklefoddy 07:15 PM
Arthur Collins The Preacher And The Bear -... UCSB Cylinder unklefoddy 06:33 PM
Billy Murray You'll Do The Same Thing Ov... UCSB Cylinder unklefoddy 06:26 PM
Ted Lewis AHB Bam Bam Bamy Shore - 1925 Foddy's 78 collection unklefoddy 06:23 PM
Grace Cameron If The Wind Had Only Blown ... UCSB Cylinder unklefoddy 06:19 PM
Paul Whiteman & His Ambassa... Stumbling - 1922 Victor 18899-A 3/30/1922 unklefoddy 06:13 PM
Tascott Shame On You - 1905 UCSB Cylinder unklefoddy 06:11 PM
McKinney's Cotton Pickers Plain Dirt - 1929 Foddy's 78 collection unklefoddy 06:09 PM
Edna Hicks The Wicked Dirty Fives - 1923 foddy unklefoddy 06:06 PM
Funkadelic March To the Witch's Castle Cosmic Slop unklefoddy 09:55 PM
Vanessa Kendrick (Prod.: Cl... 90% Of Me Is You (Writer: ... foddy unklefoddy 09:50 PM
Timmy Thomas Why Can't We Live Together Foddy's 45 collection unklefoddy 09:47 PM
Fire & Ice Music Man V/A Le Beat Bespoke v.3 unklefoddy 09:43 PM
The Jimmy Castor Bunch Space Age E-Man Groovin' unklefoddy 09:40 PM
Barry Gray Theme from Stingray V/A This Is...Cult Fiction ... unklefoddy 09:39 PM
Virginie Rodin Commando Spatial (Space Con... V/A 60's french pop - yé-yé unklefoddy 09:37 PM
Barry Gray Earth Sound; The Last Sunset Space 1999 OST unklefoddy 09:36 PM
A. Kadir & Sinar Kemala Mas Kawin Warung Kopi unklefoddy 09:29 PM
Leonard Nimoy Music To Watch Space Girls By Presents Mr. Spock's Music ... unklefoddy 09:27 PM
Temple City Kazoo Orchestra Miss You Some Kazoos (Rhino) unklefoddy 09:24 PM
Espressioni Fly Butterfly Espressioni Musicali E Suon... unklefoddy 09:21 PM
Jeannie C. Riley Satan Place Harper Valley PTA unklefoddy 09:18 PM
Lalo Schifrin Mission Impossible foddy unklefoddy 09:14 PM
Jack Trombey Roger Gets Bitten V/A Dawn Of The Dead OST (1... unklefoddy 09:13 PM
The Green Hornet The Black Beauty! The Green Hornet unklefoddy 09:10 PM
Allen Toussaint (As: Toussan) Java - 1957 The Wild Sound Of New Orleans unklefoddy 09:09 PM
Barry Gray Black Sun Space 1999 OST unklefoddy 09:07 PM
Genteels Take It Off V/A Las Vegas Grind, v.1 unklefoddy 09:04 PM
The Shocking Blue Love Machine The Shocking Blue (1970) unklefoddy 09:00 PM
Lloyd Price Frog Legs foddy unklefoddy 08:58 PM
Jacky Giordano Twilight Organ Plus unklefoddy 08:57 PM
Tipsy Zombie's Mood Uh-Oh! unklefoddy 08:54 PM
The Archies Hot Dog Everything's Archie unklefoddy 08:51 PM
Bill Parsons Rubber Dolly Foddy's 45 collection unklefoddy 08:49 PM
Ernie K-Doe Wanted, $10,000 Reward V/A New Orleans - Home Of T... unklefoddy 08:47 PM
Vikings Nicotine V/A Las Vegas Grind, v.1 unklefoddy 08:43 PM
Edith Piaf Le Chant Du Pirate Chansons Parisiennes EP unklefoddy 08:38 PM
Screamin' Jay Hawkins Feast Of The Mau-Mau foddy unklefoddy 08:35 PM