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old freinds by Hubert sumlin on Colonel Kisling's Sound brigade
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with Steven Vogt

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Cousing Foddy Trout - Percy Trout Hour

Artist Track Album Show Time
Captain Beefheart And His M... Bat Chain Puller Shiny Beast (Bat Chain Puller) unklefoddy 09:29 PM
Adriano Celentano Prisencolinensinainciusol foddy unklefoddy 09:25 PM
Blind Boy Fuller What's That Smells Like Fis... V/A Blues Before Sunrise Ar... unklefoddy 09:23 PM
Doc Sausage & His Mad Lads Rag Mop - 1950 Foddy's 78 collection unklefoddy 09:20 PM
Ole Miss DownBeats Geraldine V/A Jungle Exotica v.2 unklefoddy 09:18 PM
Errol Garner The Quaker Garnering unklefoddy 09:18 PM
Lambert, Hendricks & Ross Twisted (Annie Ross) The Hottest New Group In Jazz! unklefoddy 09:08 PM
Hully Gully Boys Tassy Foddy's 45 collection unklefoddy 09:06 PM
John Taylor Taylor's Rock V/A Jungle Exotica v.2 unklefoddy 09:04 PM
Rosco Gordon Booted V/A Where Rock Began (Prime... unklefoddy 09:03 PM
Super K Circus w/Joey Levine Quick Joey Small (Run Joey ... Foddy's 45 collection unklefoddy 09:02 PM
Silver Apples The Owl The Garden unklefoddy 08:57 PM
Bran Flakes The Missing Number Bubbles unklefoddy 08:56 PM
Frank Zappa/Mothers Of Inve... The Idiot Bastard Son We're Only In It For The Mo... unklefoddy 08:54 PM
Devo Swelling Itching Brain Duty Now For The Future unklefoddy 08:44 PM
The Residents Horse With No Name; Double ... The Third Reich And Roll unklefoddy 08:40 PM
Jean-Jacques Burnel Eurospeed Euroman Cometh unklefoddy 08:37 PM
Napoleon Fletcher She Showed It All V/A Copulating Rhythm v.1 unklefoddy 08:34 PM
Slim Gaillard Chicken Rhythm Laughing In Rhythm unklefoddy 08:31 PM
Jimmy Soul Go Away Christina V/A If You Want To Be Happy... unklefoddy 08:27 PM
Rufus Thomas Bear Cat V/A Where Rock Began (Prime... unklefoddy 08:24 PM
Dave 'Baby' Cortez Dave's Special The Whistling Organ unklefoddy 08:22 PM
My Life With The Thrill Kil... Mission: Stardust Hit And Run Holiday unklefoddy 08:15 PM
Tipsy Space Golf Trip Tease unklefoddy 08:10 PM
Pere Ubu Humor Me Terminal Tower unklefoddy 08:08 PM
B-Bumble & The Stingers (Ki... Nut Rocker Foddy's 45 collection unklefoddy 08:05 PM
Alley Cats Puddin' N' Tain (Ask Me Aga... Foddy's 45 collection unklefoddy 08:03 PM
Parliament Funkadelic Red Hot Mama Osmium unklefoddy 09:58 PM
Jackie Moore If Foddy's 45 collection unklefoddy 09:54 PM
Chubby Checker Love Is Like A Twist For Teen Twisters Only unklefoddy 09:52 PM
Mighty Sparrow Ee Don Dey V/A Top 10 Calypsoes 1967 unklefoddy 09:46 PM
Luke Lelani Swinging Palm Trees Heavenly Hawaii unklefoddy 09:43 PM
Perrey & Kingsley Computer In Love The In Sounds From Way Out! unklefoddy 09:38 PM
Fire & Ice Music Man V/A Le Beat Bespoke v.3 unklefoddy 09:36 PM
Yol Aularong Jeas Cyclo (Riding a Cyclo) V/A Cambodian Rocks (Parall... unklefoddy 09:30 PM
Espressioni Neye Calda Espressioni Musicali E Suon... unklefoddy 09:27 PM
New York Dolls Courageous Cat New York Dolls unklefoddy 09:24 PM
Raymond Scott Quintette New Year's Eve In A Haunted... Microphone Music (Basta) unklefoddy 09:24 PM
Raymond Scott Quintette Twilight In Turkey Microphone Music (Basta) unklefoddy 09:19 PM
Raymond Scott Quintette Microphone Music Microphone Music (Basta) unklefoddy 09:19 PM
David Lloyd Orch From Russia With Love Foddy's 45 collection unklefoddy 09:10 PM
Bent Fabric You Made Me Love You Alley Cat unklefoddy 09:09 PM
Ros Sereysothea Kerh Snae Kyoum Thai (Have ... V/A Cambodian Rocks (Parall... unklefoddy 09:08 PM
Meas Samon Jol Dondeung Kone Key (Goin... V/A Cambodian Rocks (Parall... unklefoddy 09:02 PM
Alive And Kicking Tighter, Tighter (Tommy Jam... foddy unklefoddy 09:01 PM
Boozoo Bajou Night Over Manaus foddy unklefoddy 08:52 PM
Bob Crewe Generation Brother Dan Music To Watch Birds By unklefoddy 08:49 PM
Dave 'Baby' Cortez Stars Of Love The Whistling Organ unklefoddy 08:48 PM
Jacky Giordano Hold It Organ Plus unklefoddy 08:41 PM
Charlie Lucas Walkin' Foddy's 45 collection unklefoddy 08:38 PM