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old freinds by Hubert sumlin on Colonel Kisling's Sound brigade
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with Steven Vogt

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Cousing Foddy Trout - Percy Trout Hour

Artist Track Album Show Time
Sleater-Kinney Oxygen One Beat unklefoddy 11:01 PM
Sundog feat Jonathan Brown The Wasted Space Criminal unklefoddy 10:56 PM
Blondie My Monster Pollinator unklefoddy 10:52 PM
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Red Right Hand Lovely Creatures unklefoddy 10:42 PM
Warm Soda Don't Stop Now I Don't Wanna Grow Up unklefoddy 10:40 PM
Kelis Friday Fish Fry Food unklefoddy 10:35 PM
Fire In The Radio I Don't Know, I Remember New Air unklefoddy 10:33 PM
Craig Finn Tracking Shots We All Want The Same Things unklefoddy 10:29 PM
My Life With The Thrill Kil... Golden Strip Hit And Run Holiday unklefoddy 10:24 PM
Spoon Outlier They Want My Soul unklefoddy 10:19 PM
Girlpool She Goes By Powerplant unklefoddy 10:17 PM
Shred Flintsone Fruity Pebbles Cartoon Physics unklefoddy 10:14 PM
Alex Napping You've Got Me Mise En Place unklefoddy 10:07 PM
Beach Baby Lost Soul No Mind No Money unklefoddy 10:04 PM
Black Belt Karate Servant Black Belt Karate EP unklefoddy 10:01 PM
Parliament Little Old Country Boy Osmium unklefoddy 09:58 PM
Op4 Attention Aux Garçons V/A 60's french pop - yé-yé unklefoddy 09:56 PM
Mel Blanc (as: Pepe Le Pew) I'm In The Mood For Love The Man Of 1000 Voices unklefoddy 09:54 PM
Fuerza Un Lugar V/A Absolute Belter unklefoddy 09:51 PM
Dimitri From Paris Un World Mysteriouse Sacrebleu unklefoddy 09:49 PM
Les Charlots Les Nouilles V/A 60's french pop - yé-yé unklefoddy 09:41 PM
Sonya En Mi Nube (Get Off My Cloud) V/A Absolute Belter unklefoddy 09:36 PM
Ciclos Fusioon V/A Absolute Belter unklefoddy 09:33 PM
Drifters On Broadway (Live) V/A Saturday Night At The U... unklefoddy 09:28 PM
Jean-Paul Keller Ça S'est Arrangé V/A 60's french pop - yé-yé unklefoddy 09:25 PM
S.E.V.A. Freakout! Get Smarter unklefoddy 09:23 PM
Martin Denny March Of The Siamese Children Primitiva unklefoddy 09:13 PM
Tipsy Liquordelic Trip Tease unklefoddy 09:09 PM
Diablito The Jungle V/A Jungle Exotica v.1 unklefoddy 09:09 PM
Combustible Edison & Esquivel Miniskirt V/A Lounge-A-Palooza unklefoddy 09:05 PM
Peter Reno Cool It foddy unklefoddy 09:02 PM
Jacqueline Taieb 7 Heures Du Matin V/A 60's french pop - yé-yé unklefoddy 09:00 PM
Got A Girl (Mary Elizabeth ... Things Will Never Be The Same I Love You But I Must Drive... unklefoddy 08:56 PM
Sugarloaf Jerry Corbetta Don't Call Us, We'll Call You Foddy's 45 collection unklefoddy 08:53 PM
Rudy Ventura Yamasuki V/A Absolute Belter unklefoddy 08:51 PM
Benny Hill Older Woman The Best Of unklefoddy 08:50 PM
Roger Miller You Can't Rollerskate in a ... foddy unklefoddy 08:42 PM
David Holmes What R We Stealing Ocean's Twelve OST unklefoddy 08:39 PM
Bent Fabric Catsanova Walk Alley Cat unklefoddy 08:37 PM
Vampyros Lesbos Kamasutra Vampyros Lesbos OST unklefoddy 08:33 PM
Gert Wilden AHO Girl Faces Schoolgirl Report OST unklefoddy 08:30 PM
Armando Trovajoli L'amore Dice Ciao La Matriarca unklefoddy 08:26 PM
Vampyros Lesbos We Don't Care Vampyros Lesbos OST unklefoddy 08:24 PM
Nocabouts Jungle Safari V/A Jungle Exotica v.1 unklefoddy 08:23 PM
Les Compagnons De La Chanson Le Sous-Marin Vert V/A 60's french pop - yé-yé unklefoddy 08:21 PM
Ria Bartok Tu Peux Pas Savoir V/A 60's french pop - yé-yé unklefoddy 08:12 PM
Richard Anthony La Terre Promise V/A 60's french pop - yé-yé unklefoddy 08:09 PM
Richard Anthony La Terre Promise V/A 60's french pop - yé-yé unklefoddy 08:09 PM
Shorty Long Here Come the Judge Foddy's 45 collection unklefoddy 08:08 PM
Les Charlots Hey Max V/A 60's french pop - yé-yé unklefoddy 08:07 PM