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old freinds by Hubert sumlin on Colonel Kisling's Sound brigade
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with Steven Vogt

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Cousing Foddy Trout - Percy Trout Hour

Artist Track Album Show Time
Perrey & Kingsley The Mexican Cactus The Out Sound From Way In! unklefoddy 08:22 PM
Buck Washington Save the Roach for Me - 1944 V/A Reefer Songs unklefoddy 08:20 PM
Stella Un Air Du Folklore Auvergnat V/A 60's french pop - yé-yé unklefoddy 08:18 PM
Bill Parsons Rubber Dolly Foddy's 45 collection unklefoddy 08:14 PM
Jacqueline Perez Go Home V/A 60's french pop - yé-yé unklefoddy 08:11 PM
Dave And Ansel Collins feat... Double Barrel - 1972 Foddy's 45 collection unklefoddy 08:07 PM
Evolution Control Committee Rocked By Rape foddy unklefoddy 08:04 PM
A. Kadir & Sinar Kemala Warung Kopi #6 Warung Kopi unklefoddy 08:02 PM
Alice Francis Shoot Him Down St. James Ballroom unklefoddy 11:59 PM
Void Cruiser All Over Nowhere Wayfarer unklefoddy 11:54 PM
High On Fire Ghost Neck Snakes For The Divine unklefoddy 11:49 PM
CJ Ramone Steady As She Goes American Beauty unklefoddy 11:44 PM
The Buttertones Two Headed Shark Gravedigging unklefoddy 11:44 PM
White Zombie Blood Milk And Sky Astro-Creep: 2000 unklefoddy 11:37 PM
White Reaper The World's Best American Band The World's Best American Band unklefoddy 11:30 PM
Mussolini Headkick Jesus Collects Themes For Violent Retibution unklefoddy 11:25 PM
Power Trip Firing Squad Nightmare Logic unklefoddy 11:22 PM
GWAR The Years Without Light Scumdogs Of The Universe unklefoddy 11:21 PM
Toxic Holocaust Nowhere To Run Conjure And Command unklefoddy 11:10 PM
Horse Jumper Of Love Bagel Breath Horse Jumper Of Love unklefoddy 11:07 PM
Henry Rollins Band Tearing The End Of Silence unklefoddy 11:02 PM
Dopelord Reptile Sun Children of The Haze unklefoddy 10:52 PM
Pig Destroyer Eve; The Diplomat; All Seei... Book Burner unklefoddy 10:45 PM
Iron Reagan No Sell; Condition Evolutio... Crossover Ministry unklefoddy 10:34 PM
Evil Triplet We Are The Aliens Otherworld unklefoddy 10:24 PM
My Life With The Thrill Kil... And This Is What the Devil ... I See Good Sprits And I See... unklefoddy 10:20 PM
Sacred Reich Blue Suit, Brown Shirt V/A Metalmeister (Metal Blade) unklefoddy 10:19 PM
Kings Of Feedback (Bill T. ... Lost My Faith KOF Rules unklefoddy 10:09 PM
Mastodon Word Emperor of Sand unklefoddy 10:07 PM
Pissed Jeans It's Your Knees Why Love Now unklefoddy 10:06 PM
My Life With The Thrill Kil... Golden Strip Hit And Run Holiday unklefoddy 09:54 PM
Slim Gaillard Chicken Rhythm Laughing In Rhythm unklefoddy 09:51 PM
Adriano Celentano Prisencolinensinainciusol foddy unklefoddy 09:47 PM
Dan Seeper's Soul Good Time Woman V/A Ain't Nothin' 'Bout 'Ga... unklefoddy 09:43 PM
Traffic Sound Meshkalina V/A Ain't Nothin' 'Bout 'Ga... unklefoddy 09:38 PM
Carlos Pes They Dog the Murder foddy unklefoddy 09:36 PM
Makamia And His Moana Islan... Aloha No Au I Ko Maka Holiday in Hawaii unklefoddy 09:24 PM
The Zig Zag People Simon Says V/A Ain't Nothin' 'Bout 'Ga... unklefoddy 09:24 PM
The Poppy Family (Susan & T... No Blood in Bone V/A Ain't Nothin' 'Bout 'Ga... unklefoddy 09:20 PM
Pete Drake The Spook V/A Ain't Nothin' 'Bout 'Ga... unklefoddy 09:16 PM
Billy Mure Guitar Theme Fireworks! unklefoddy 09:15 PM
Armando Trovajoli La Matriarca (Bossa Nova) La Matriarca unklefoddy 09:12 PM
Manu Dibango Walking To Waza African Voodoo unklefoddy 09:11 PM
Eddie Warner Gettin High Progressive Percussions unklefoddy 09:11 PM
Leonard Nimoy Highly Illogical Mr. Spock's Music From Oute... unklefoddy 09:01 PM
Perrey & Kingsley The Little Girl From Mars The Out Sound From Way In! unklefoddy 08:52 PM
Perrey & Kingsley The Little Girl From Mars The Out Sound From Way In! unklefoddy 08:52 PM
Hugo Montenegro Limehouse Blues Bongos and Brass unklefoddy 08:49 PM
The Orthotonics (As: Ortho... Woman Fish (Live) Corrective Music unklefoddy 08:46 PM
The Shocking Blue Mighty Joe The Shocking Blue (1970) unklefoddy 08:45 PM