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Three Weeks by Perpetual Groove on Mike After Midnight
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with Avery Rondinelli


Artist Track Album Show Time
Lettuce Phyllis Single WRFL-LIVE 04:54 AM
Miike Snow Heart is Full Single WRFL-LIVE 04:51 AM
MOONZz Good for You (Redo) Single WRFL-LIVE 04:48 AM
KRNE Movin Movin WRFL-LIVE 04:44 AM
Flume Never Be Like You feat. Kai Skin WRFL-LIVE 04:41 AM
Lucious Born Again Teen Born Again Teen (Single) WRFL-LIVE 04:38 AM
Buhu Youth is Breaking Relationshapes WRFL-LIVE 04:31 AM
Alvvays Adult Diversion Alvvays WRFL-LIVE 04:27 AM
David Gray Back in the World Mutineers WRFL-LIVE 04:23 AM
Thus Owls Black Matter Black Matter WRFL-LIVE 04:20 AM
Nappy Roots Hazy The 40 Akerz Project WRFL-LIVE 04:17 AM
Justice DVNO Cross WRFL-LIVE 04:11 AM
Ellie Herring Why'd You Why'd You / Maze WRFL-LIVE 04:07 AM
Claptone Ghost ft. Clap Your Hands S... Charmer WRFL-LIVE 04:05 AM
RJD2 Her Majesty's Socialist Req... More Is Than Isn't WRFL-LIVE 04:04 AM
Nightmares on Wax Flip Ya Lid In a Space Outta Sound WRFL-LIVE 03:55 AM
Archy Marshall The Sea Liner Mk I A New Place 2 Drown WRFL-LIVE 03:44 AM
Mastodon Blood and Thunder Leviathan WRFL-LIVE 03:39 AM
Indian Handcrafts Murderers for Hire Creeps WRFL-LIVE 03:37 AM
Flipper Ever Album - Generic Flipper WRFL-LIVE 03:34 AM
Ride Kaleidoscope Nowhere WRFL-LIVE 03:31 AM
Apprentice Destroyer Chrome Temple Glass Ceiling Universe WRFL-LIVE 03:28 AM
Jerkagram Coat of Arms Outer Limbs WRFL-LIVE 03:22 AM
Primal Scream Movin' On Up Screamadelica WRFL-LIVE 03:19 AM
The Effort Award Together Now Relaxtronaut WRFL-LIVE 03:16 AM
The Flaming Lips Look... The Sun is Rising The Terror WRFL-LIVE 03:11 AM
DIIV Bent (Roi's Song) Is This Is Are WRFL-LIVE 03:05 AM
Wild Nothing TV Queen Life Of Pause (singles) WRFL-LIVE 03:02 AM
Beach House The Hours Bloom WRFL-LIVE 02:56 AM
Wax Fang The Singularity The Astronaut WRFL-LIVE 02:52 AM
New Order Dreams Never End Movement WRFL-LIVE 02:49 AM
Palisades Anecdotes Handshake Codes WRFL-LIVE 02:47 AM
Cage the Elephant Cry Baby Tell Me I'm Pretty WRFL-LIVE 02:42 AM
Talking Heads Heaven Fear of Music WRFL-LIVE 02:39 AM
Tame Impala Mind Mischeif Lonerism WRFL-LIVE 02:34 AM
George Harrison Wah-Wah All Things Must Pass WRFL-LIVE 02:27 AM
Ween Even If You Don't White Pepper WRFL-LIVE 02:23 AM
The Black Keys Gotta Get Away Turn Blue WRFL-LIVE 02:20 AM
Animal Collective FloriDaDa Single From Painting With WRFL-LIVE 02:17 AM
Tortoise Shake Hands With Danger The Catastrophist WRFL-LIVE 02:09 AM
Yo La Tengo You Can Have It All And Then Nothing Turned Its... WRFL-LIVE 02:05 AM