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Three Weeks by Perpetual Groove on Mike After Midnight
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with Avery Rondinelli


Artist Track Album Show Time
Paul Townsend Juanita, Those Ain't My Boots Juanita, Those Ain't My Boots WRFL-LIVE 08:07 PM
Nicholas Penn Sinsemilla Makes Sense To Me Ill Eagle WRFL-LIVE 08:03 PM
Panda Bear Come to your Senses Panda Bear Meets The Grim R... WRFL-LIVE 10:37 PM
Jamie xx Hold Tight In Colour WRFL-LIVE 10:33 PM
Boards of Canada Happy Cycling Music Has The Right to Chil... WRFL-LIVE 10:25 PM
Tame Impala Past Life Currents WRFL-LIVE 10:22 PM
Nick Hook +3 Relationships WRFL-LIVE 10:18 PM
DJ Paypal We Finally Made It Sold Out WRFL-LIVE 10:15 PM
Death Grips Feels Like A Wheel Government Plates WRFL-LIVE 10:14 PM
Dalek Eyes to Form Shadows Absence WRFL-LIVE 10:06 PM
Flaming Lips The Sparrow Looks Up At The... Embryonic WRFL-LIVE 10:03 PM
Cocteau Twins Pitch The Baby Heaven or Las Vegas WRFL-LIVE 09:58 PM
Pond Paint Me Silver The Weather WRFL-LIVE 09:56 PM
New Order The Perfect Kiss Low Life WRFL-LIVE 09:50 PM
Animal Collective Summertime Clothes Merriweather Post Pavillion WRFL-LIVE 09:45 PM
Flying Lotus Stonecutters The Music Of Grand Theft Au... WRFL-LIVE 09:41 PM
Warren Byrom Water Tower Heavy Makes You Happy WRFL-LIVE 09:36 PM
Austin Wilkerson Worthy Altruisms WRFL-LIVE 09:26 PM
Twin Limb The Weather Haplo WRFL-LIVE 09:23 PM
Jim James True Nature Eternally Even WRFL-LIVE 09:19 PM
Beat Awfuls The One They Love Second Place WRFL-LIVE 09:16 PM
Chlorine Leave Me Alone Peace With Nothing WRFL-LIVE 09:12 PM
Slint Breadcrumb Trail Spiderland WRFL-LIVE 09:06 PM
Flying Things Kaleidoscope Games WRFL-LIVE 09:02 PM
Buffalo Rodeo Lana (Del Ray) 123 Water WRFL-LIVE 08:57 PM
Ezra Black and Blue Demos WRFL-LIVE 08:52 PM
White Reaper The World's Best American Band The World's Best American Band WRFL-LIVE 08:47 PM
Wicked Peace The Country Song The Edge EP WRFL-LIVE 08:42 PM
Restless Leg String Band Watch Her Go Restless Leg String Band WRFL-LIVE 08:38 PM
Grayson Jenkins Where I Belong Cityscapes & Countrysides WRFL-LIVE 08:35 PM
Whipflash Tornado (Don't Care) Whipflash WRFL-LIVE 08:32 PM
Sturgill Simpson Welcome To Earth (Pollywog) A Sailor's Guide to Earth WRFL-LIVE 08:30 PM
Stuart Wickie Band Simple Beauty Live EP WRFL-LIVE 08:21 PM
ATTEMPT Personal Best Personal Fables WRFL-LIVE 08:16 PM
My Morning Jacket In Its Infancy (The Waterfall) The Waterfall WRFL-LIVE 08:09 PM
Sundown Service Eastern Hills Sundown Service WRFL-LIVE 08:04 PM
Idiot Glee Little Berlin Life Without Jazz WRFL-LIVE 07:59 PM
LCD Soundsystem I Can Change This Is Happening WRFL-LIVE 09:56 PM
Temples Certainty Volcano WRFL-LIVE 09:52 PM
Tyler, The Creator Enjoy Right Now, Today Flower Boy WRFL-LIVE 09:48 PM
Big Noise Black Man's Cry (Fela Kuti ... Live at Terrapin Festival WRFL-LIVE 09:40 PM
Ben Sollee Whole Lot to Give Half Made Man WRFL-LIVE 09:38 PM
Blind Corn Liquor Pickers Pendulum Myths & Routines WRFL-LIVE 09:32 PM
My Morning Jacket Spring (Among the Living) The Waterfall WRFL-LIVE 09:25 PM
Beat Awfuls Jackie Ono Second Place WRFL-LIVE 09:22 PM
Alabaster Orange I Got Your Number Alabaster Orange WRFL-LIVE 09:20 PM
Slint Kent Tweez WRFL-LIVE 09:13 PM
Chlorine Leave Me Alone Peace With Nothing WRFL-LIVE 09:09 PM
Johnny Conqueroo The Key Washed Up WRFL-LIVE 09:06 PM
Big Fresh Yes Yes Yes Fall Preview EP WRFL-LIVE 09:04 PM