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Three Weeks by Perpetual Groove on Mike After Midnight
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with Avery Rondinelli


Artist Track Album Show Time
Slint Good Morning, Captain Spiderland WRFL-LIVE 08:28 PM
Sweet Country Meat Boys Dad Zap! "Dad Zap" Single WRFL-LIVE 08:24 PM
Alabaster Orange I Got Your Number Alabaster Orange WRFL-LIVE 08:22 PM
Steelism Shake Your Heel Ism WRFL-LIVE 08:19 PM
Beat Awfuls Maui Wowie Nothing Happens WRFL-LIVE 08:16 PM
ATTEMPT "Getting it" Personal Fables WRFL-LIVE 08:10 PM
Priests Nicki Nothing Feels Natural WRFL-LIVE 08:06 PM
My Morning Jacket Golden It Still Moves WRFL-LIVE 08:03 PM
Flying Things Kaleidoscope Games WRFL-LIVE 07:57 PM
Boards of Canada Happy Cycling Music Has The Right To Chil... WRFL-LIVE 09:54 PM
Gesaffelstein Pursuit Aleph WRFL-LIVE 09:50 PM
Flying Lotus Dance of The Pseudo Nymph Cosmogramma WRFL-LIVE 09:47 PM
Tame Impala Desire Be Desire Go Innerspeaker WRFL-LIVE 09:42 PM
Preoccupations Bunker Buster Viet Cong WRFL-LIVE 09:36 PM
The Drums Blood Under My Belt Abysmal Thoughts WRFL-LIVE 09:32 PM
Slowdive Star Roving WRFL Live WRFL-LIVE 09:26 PM
Pond Paint Me Silver WRFL Live WRFL-LIVE 09:23 PM
NonCompliant Royal Pine WRFL Live WRFL-LIVE 09:18 PM
NonCompliant Give It A Rest WRFL Live WRFL-LIVE 09:13 PM
NonCompliant Mold WRFL Live WRFL-LIVE 09:10 PM
NonCompliant Garbage Skank WRFL Live WRFL-LIVE 09:05 PM
NonCompliant Define Success WRFL Live WRFL-LIVE 09:03 PM
NonCompliant Trauma WRFL Live WRFL-LIVE 09:00 PM
Johnny Conqueroo Who Do You Trust? Washed Up WRFL-LIVE 08:57 PM
Chino Vadgi WAVE$ Kids in the Street WRFL-LIVE 08:54 PM
Wicked Peace The Country Son The Edge EP WRFL-LIVE 08:48 PM
Restless Leg String Band Runner Restless Leg String Band WRFL-LIVE 08:41 PM
My Morning Jacket Compound Fracture The Waterfall WRFL-LIVE 08:37 PM
Austin Wilkerson Come to the Garden Altruisms WRFL-LIVE 08:32 PM
Sweet Country Meat Boys Dad Zap! "Dad Zap" Single WRFL-LIVE 08:26 PM
Alabaster Orange Take It Alabaster Orange WRFL-LIVE 08:24 PM
Slint Breadcrumb Trail Spiderland WRFL-LIVE 08:18 PM
Los Colognes Molly B Good The Wave WRFL-LIVE 08:12 PM
Chlorine Peace With Nothing Peace With Nothing WRFL-LIVE 08:09 PM
White Reaper The World's Best American Band The World's Best American Band WRFL-LIVE 08:05 PM
Flying Things Games Games WRFL-LIVE 08:00 PM
Unwound Corpse Pose Repitition WRFL-LIVE 09:58 PM
The Garden California Here We Go Single WRFL-LIVE 09:57 PM
Italian Beaches Take Me Home WRFL Live WRFL-LIVE 09:41 PM
Italian Beaches 1997 WRFL Live WRFL-LIVE 09:36 PM
Italian Beaches Paradigm WRFL Live WRFL-LIVE 09:22 PM
Italian Beaches The Web WRFL Live WRFL-LIVE 09:14 PM
Italian Beaches No(w) Rehasal WRFL Live WRFL-LIVE 09:05 PM
Italian Beaches Steak & Rainbow WRFL Live WRFL-LIVE 08:59 PM
Klangstof Hostage Close Eyes to Exit WRFL-LIVE 08:54 PM
Chlorine Leave Me Alone Peace With Nothing WRFL-LIVE 08:49 PM
Slint Charlotte Tweez WRFL-LIVE 08:44 PM
My Morning Jacket Steam Engine It Still Moves WRFL-LIVE 08:36 PM
Deerhoof Debut The Magic WRFL-LIVE 08:33 PM