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Three Weeks by Perpetual Groove on Mike After Midnight
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with Avery Rondinelli


Artist Track Album Show Time
Austin Wilkerson Daughters Altruisms WRFL-LIVE 08:31 PM
Los Colognes Can You Remember? The Wave WRFL-LIVE 08:25 PM
Beat Awfuls Jackie Ono Nothing Happens WRFL-LIVE 08:22 PM
CHINO VADGI MAMBA Kids in the Street WRFL-LIVE 08:19 PM
Alabaster Orange Cheek Trip Alabaster Orange WRFL-LIVE 08:17 PM
White Reaper Eagle Beach The World's Best American Band WRFL-LIVE 08:12 PM
DPCLB Stop Getting Married/ Start... WHATS YOUR NAME?? DPCLB WRFL-LIVE 08:09 PM
Sweet Country Meat Boys Dad Zap Single WRFL-LIVE 08:05 PM
Palisades Radio Noise Luxury and Riot WRFL-LIVE 08:01 PM
Viet Cong Continental Shelf Viet Cong WRFL-LIVE 09:56 PM
Ride Kaleidoscope Nowhere WRFL-LIVE 09:53 PM
Talking Heads Cities Fear of Music WRFL-LIVE 09:49 PM
Melody's Echo Chamber Endless Shore Melody's Echo Chamber WRFL-LIVE 09:45 PM
Slowdive Don't Know Why Slowdive WRFL-LIVE 09:40 PM
Ween Push th' Little Daisies Pure Guava WRFL-LIVE 09:37 PM
Thundercat Bus in These Streets Drunk WRFL-LIVE 09:34 PM
Steely Dan Bodhisattva Countdown to Ecstacy WRFL-LIVE 09:29 PM
When Autumn Calls Bellevue WRFL Live WRFL-LIVE 09:25 PM
When Autumn Calls Acid Queen WRFL Live WRFL-LIVE 09:21 PM
When Autumn Calls Straight-Edge Song WRFL Live WRFL-LIVE 09:19 PM
When Autumn Calls Blacktop WRFL Live WRFL-LIVE 09:14 PM
When Autumn Calls Reefer Madness WRFL Live WRFL-LIVE 09:10 PM
When Autumn Calls Moon Over Point Place/ Moon... WRFL Live WRFL-LIVE 09:06 PM
When Autumn Calls Cut to Ribbons WRFL Live WRFL-LIVE 09:03 PM
Home Grown Head Band Mental Transmission Mental Transmission WRFL-LIVE 08:58 PM
Restless Leg String Band Kentucky Restless Leg String Band WRFL-LIVE 08:53 PM
Austin Wilkerson Worthy Altruisms WRFL-LIVE 08:48 PM
Klangstof Close Eyes to Exit Close Eyes To Exit WRFL-LIVE 08:45 PM
Slint Kent Tweez WRFL-LIVE 08:38 PM
Chlorine Signals Out the Wake Peace With Nothing WRFL-LIVE 08:36 PM
Wicked Peace The Country Song The Edge EP WRFL-LIVE 08:30 PM
Jim James True Nature Eternally Even WRFL-LIVE 08:27 PM
ATTEMPT Personal Best Personal Fables WRFL-LIVE 08:24 PM
Deerhoof Debut The Magic WRFL-LIVE 08:19 PM
White Reaper Eagle Beach White Reaper Does It Again WRFL-LIVE 08:14 PM
Alabaster Orange I Got Your Number Alabaster Orange WRFL-LIVE 08:08 PM
Beat Awfuls No Dice Cold Bones Nothing Happens WRFL-LIVE 08:05 PM
Big Fresh Paralyzed Fall Preview EP WRFL-LIVE 08:00 PM
DJ Shadow Systematic (ft. Nas) Silicon Valley OST WRFL-LIVE 09:58 PM
Ween Flutes of Chi White Pepper WRFL-LIVE 09:54 PM
Warren Byrom & The Fabled C... Foam WRFL Live WRFL-LIVE 09:49 PM
Warren Byrom & The Fabled C... Old Machine WRFL Live WRFL-LIVE 09:43 PM
Warren Byrom & The Fabled C... Get Real WRFL Live WRFL-LIVE 09:37 PM
Warren Byrom & The Fabled C... Women WRFL Live WRFL-LIVE 09:32 PM
Warren Byrom & The Fabled C... Elkhorn WRFL Live WRFL-LIVE 09:29 PM
Warren Byrom & The Fabled C... Black Mountain WRFL Live WRFL-LIVE 09:22 PM
Warren Byrom & The Fabled C... Beaver WRFL Live WRFL-LIVE 09:16 PM
Warren Byrom & The Fabled C... NBF WRFL Live WRFL-LIVE 09:12 PM
Warren Byrom & The Fabled C... Sidewalks WRFL Live WRFL-LIVE 09:06 PM