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Three Weeks by Perpetual Groove on Mike After Midnight
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with Avery Rondinelli


Artist Track Album Show Time
The Placebo Effect Turning Point WRFL Live WRFL-LIVE 09:22 PM
The Placebo Effect Untitled WRFL Live WRFL-LIVE 09:17 PM
The Placebo Effect Temptations WRFL Live WRFL-LIVE 09:10 PM
The Placebo Effect Spunout WRFL Live WRFL-LIVE 09:02 PM
The Placebo Effect Intro WRFL Live WRFL-LIVE 09:00 PM
Houndmouth Otis Little Neon Limelight WRFL-LIVE 08:55 PM
Home Grow Head Band Potions Mental Transmission WRFL-LIVE 08:51 PM
Johnny Conqueroo Washed Up Washed Up WRFL-LIVE 08:48 PM
Mothers Nesting Behavior When You Walk A Long Distan... WRFL-LIVE 08:42 PM
Wax Fang Exit Strategy Victory Laps WRFL-LIVE 08:36 PM
White Reaper Pills White Reaper Does It Again WRFL-LIVE 08:33 PM
Elvess & The Dream Boy I'm Yours He is Resin WRFL-LIVE 08:30 PM
Chino Vadgi $uper $ilver Long Distance Relationship WRFL-LIVE 08:26 PM
Chlorine Leave Me Alone Peace With Nothing WRFL-LIVE 08:23 PM
Slint Carol Tweez WRFL-LIVE 08:19 PM
Bear Medicine Old Jerusalem Old Jerusalem WRFL-LIVE 08:16 PM
My Morning Jacket In Its Infancy The Waterfall WRFL-LIVE 08:10 PM
The Pass I Surrender High Road EP WRFL-LIVE 08:05 PM
Attempt Personal Best Personal Fables WRFL-LIVE 08:00 PM
Burial Raver Untrue WRFL-LIVE 09:54 PM
Boards of Canada Happy Cycling Music Has The Right To Chil... WRFL-LIVE 09:47 PM
Tortoise Swung from the Gutters TNT WRFL-LIVE 09:41 PM
Warren Byrom Water Tower Heavy Makes You Happy WRFL-LIVE 09:33 PM
Twin Peaks Walk To The One You Love Down In Heaven WRFL-LIVE 09:27 PM
Wax Fang Mystery Girl Victory Laps WRFL-LIVE 09:21 PM
Billy Nelson Still Life With Cormorant Watersports WRFL-LIVE 09:15 PM
ATTEMPT C.L.O.T.H.E.S. First Attempt EP WRFL-LIVE 09:11 PM
Jim James Same Old Lie Eternally Even WRFL-LIVE 09:05 PM
The Pass Psycho Melt WRFL-LIVE 09:02 PM
Chino Vadgi Why Won't You Lie to Me CLUB ROOM $ERVICE VOL 1 & 2 WRFL-LIVE 08:58 PM
Dr. Paul Jackie Ono Calling Daddy Anarchist WRFL-LIVE 08:55 PM
Slint Rhoda Slint EP WRFL-LIVE 08:49 PM
Chlorine Leave Me Alone Peace With Nothing WRFL-LIVE 08:45 PM
Shawnthony Calypso Behind the Rock Behind the ... A Whale of a Tale (Space Co... WRFL-LIVE 08:42 PM
Restless Leg String Band Watch Her Go Restless Leg String Band WRFL-LIVE 08:38 PM
Eric Bolander Honeysuckle Postcards To Myself WRFL-LIVE 08:34 PM
Robbie Fulks Alabama at Night Upland Stories WRFL-LIVE 08:30 PM
Bonnie 'Prince' Billy Intentional Injury True Detective Soundtrack WRFL-LIVE 08:28 PM
Gnarly Love Bad Cop, No Donut The Long and Gnarly Road WRFL-LIVE 08:24 PM
Palisades What Will Survive of Us Luxury and Riot WRFL-LIVE 08:21 PM
New Bravado Translucent Dreams Sun and Moon WRFL-LIVE 08:13 PM
My Morning Jacket One Big Holiday It Still Moves WRFL-LIVE 08:07 PM
Nativity Singers The Tourist Song Nativity Singers EP WRFL-LIVE 08:01 PM
Matt Duncan Rube Goldberg Machine Soft Times WRFL-LIVE 08:01 PM
Death Grips Runway H Fashion Week WRFL-LIVE 09:55 PM
Cocteau Twins Pitch the Baby Heaven or Las Vegas WRFL-LIVE 09:51 PM
Ween Transdermal Celebration Quebec WRFL-LIVE 09:48 PM
Melody's Echo Chamber You Won't Be Missing That P... Melody's Echo Chamber WRFL-LIVE 09:44 PM
Tortoise Glass Museum Millions Now Living Will Ne... WRFL-LIVE 09:37 PM
Shawnthony Calypso I Want To Leave A Whale of a Tale (Space Co... WRFL-LIVE 09:33 PM